Your Cancer Monthly Horoscope for August

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Hey, Cancer darling. Be honest. How are you feeling? If it’s anything less that excellent, your primary focus this month should be figuring out exactly what you need in order to live your best life. I’m not kidding! This is your journey. This is your narrative. You—and only you—are the main character in the soap opera that is your existence, so don’t be afraid to be a little selfish right now.

On August 8, the New Moon in Leo provides a perfect opportunity for a fresh start. Under this sky, the Sun and Moon will join forces in Leo’s fiery domain. There is no nocturnal illumination during this lunation, offering the perfect opportunity for stargazing. Yes, Cancer, dare to dream! Plant seeds, set intentions, and explore the limitless potential of your innate magick. I know the summer is moving fast, but don’t forget, it was just Cancer season: You’re still in the early days of a brand new solar orbit. All those wishes you made when you blew out your birthday candles are just beginning to unfold—believe in their potential!

As the Moon continues to move, it joins the Sun again on August 22, forming a powerful Full Moon in Aquarius. Um, wait. Didn’t that just happen? You bet it did! This is the second Full Moon in Aquarius (the first occurred last month, on July 23), meaning this is a Blue Moon! What does that mean for you? Regardless of La Luna’s color palette, this enchanted lunation will be shining a bright light on anything and everything you’ve been keeping in the shadows. These electric moonbeams will be supercharged, inviting you to ask yourself why you’re keeping secrets in the first place? Who are you actually trying to protect? What’s more, if you tell the truth, what’s the worst thing that could happen? I’m not going to lie, Cancer darling, if some major skeletons have been taking up a lot of closet space, it’s time to yank ‘em out. Sure, it may be a little early for that macabre aesthetic, but if the department stores are already selling Halloween decorations, there’s no reason you can’t jump on the trend. Yard sale!

Also on August 22, the Sun says buh-bye to Leo as it shifts into Virgo’s domain. But it won’t be alone: Mercury (the planet of communication) and Mars (the planet of action) are already hanging out in this pragmatic earth sign, intensifying the cosmic energy in the area of your chart associated with friendship, classmates, and colleagues. Doesn’t that sound…lovely? Absolutely! It’s time to crack open that shell, crab darling! For the next several weeks, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. After the dramatic release that came with the Blue Moon, you’ll feel that a weight has been lifted, and you’ll be able to socialize much more freely. Don’t forget, Cancer: You are your own worst critic! People love you, so lean into the good vibes and enjoy the warm embrace of community. Aww! We love to see it!

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