Blue’s Lee Ryan denies being transphobic after vicious attack on drag queen

Blue’s Lee Ryan has denied being transphobic and homophobic after becoming embroiled in a vicious spat with drag queen Layla Zee Susan.

The singer threatened Layla with physical violence and called her a “c**t” after she called him out for being transphobic.

The row was sparked after Lee took to Instagram to say that he “might start identifying myself as an alien / star / seed / indigo child. Anything but human” adding: “Please respect my wishes”.

Sammy Sheperd who performs as Layla, responded by saying the comments were “offensive” to which Lee replied with “F*** off c***. Does that offend you?”

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Responding to the fallout with The Sun, Lee said: “I’m bisexual and my bandmate is gay – I would never disrespect anyone like that.

“I normally ignore things like that but it’s like somebody calling me racist when I’m not. Duncan’s constantly dressing in drag, he’s gay, Blue has a big [gay] following – so this really upset me.

Lee insists he wasn’t mocking gender identity with his comments, adding “I don’t really like the human race, I think they’re lost, especially what’s going on in the world.

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"It was a harmless thing, I was basically saying I’m an alien. I wasn’t being offensive to anyone, unless you’re an alien. I didn’t say one thing about the LGBTQ+ community.”

Lee’s attack came after Layla said: “Do you think this is a bit insensitive to your fans that do choose to identify as something outside of the gender binary?

“This kind of mocking is really nasty and you're being a bit of a d**k!”

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Lee replied: “No, I just can't stand little opinion c**t like you who think your opinion matters to me.”

Layla posted screen grabs of the messages to her Instagram Stories, writing: “Lee Ryan has posted an insensitive story and I decided to call him out on it!”

Lee went on to threaten physical violence, writing: “I would slap you in the face if you was in front of me you cheeky little p***k. Non binary or gay whatever the f**k you wanna call yourself. You're not a woman. I would slap you sideways, cheeky c**t.’

The Sun claims Sammy has since reached out to Lee and apologised.

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