Dog The Bounty Hunter daughter Lyssa Chapman weds girlfriend in beach ceremony

The daughter of reality TV star Duane "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Chapman, 69, has tied the knot with her girlfriend.

Lyssa Chapman, 35, married her girlfriend Leiana Evensen, who she has been with since 2016, in a beautiful beach ceremony in Hawaii at the start of the month.

Although Dog did not attend the nuptials, Lyssa told People: "He was of course on the phone with me all morning and during. We FaceTimed him a bunch. He was there in spirit and also electronically."

Lyssa explained that it had become emotionally "really, really hard for him to come back to Hawaii", where he lived with his late fourth wife Beth Chapman.

The couple achieved fame together as bounty hunters on reality TV, enjoying a decade of marriage until her death of cancer in 2019.

Dog is an American television personality known for popular TV programs following his life and adventures as a bounty hunter apprehending felons.

The TV star is said to be launching several media ventures including a new show and podcast.

Lyssa posted a wedding album to Instagram on Wednesday (June 15), writing: "Last week Lei and I boarded a boat at 7 in the morning with 7 of our closest family members and we dedicated our love and lives to one another."

The album included a snap of the brides in Daisy Dukes shorts and bikini tops kissing in the ocean, as well as prancing through the shallows.

Lyssa added: "It was the most epic conditions on the bay, the water was a glassy mirror. We had a sprinkle of rain (blessing), and as we came upon our spot, we were blessed again by a school of baby sharks (do do do do do do).

"With our feet in the water, we connected ourselves to the power and vastness of the ocean. We were hugged by the majestic Ko’olau mountain range, that will continue hugging us as we live and spend the rest of our lives together at Makaalamihi."

Two guests at the ceremony were Lyssa's two daughters Abbie May, 20, and Madalynn Grace, 12.

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Lyssa revealed that she met her partner Leiana while running a therapy salon in Hawaii in 2016.

She expressed that Dog was supportive of her relationship adding: "My dad's always just loved me and it's not been something we talk about.

"I don't want to put words in his mouth because I don't know what his exact feelings about it are, but he's never shown me anything other than support."

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