Festival Fueled with Peach Pit

We followed Peach Pit band members Neil Smith, Chris Vanderkooy, Mikey Passcuzzi and Pete Wilton behind-the-scenes as they prepared for their latest festival performance. Whether they were piling together on a golf cart, playing catch with bottles of Pedialyte or revealing their hidden juggling talents, the quirky ensemble kept themselves entertained leading up to the big show.

To stay hydrated throughout the day, the band enjoyed Pedialyte AdvancedCare Plus as well as Pedialyte’s convenient Powder Packs, keeping them refreshed in the raging festival heat. 

Vocalist and guitarist Neil Smith believes it’s crucial to stay hydrated on the go, especially when it comes to Peach Pit’s busy tour schedule. “It’s really really exciting being out on the road for, like, weeks at a time. But it’s also kind of hard to get used to, honestly,” Smith explains. “Often times you’re just going off of, like, four hours of sleep a night… It’s very important to stay super-hydrated.”


Peach Pit bassist Pete Wilton agrees, stating that the heat was so intense at one of their recent shows that he literally couldn’t keep the water in his body. “I brought like a two-liter jug of water on stage and, like, just sweat all of it out,” Wilton says.

After the long day, Peach Pit finally took the stage, bringing an unmatched energy that soared throughout the crowd and could be felt among the fans. 

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