GMB’s Alex Beresford says you can love both Prince Harry and Royal Family

Good Morning Britain host Alex Beresford has weighed in on the Prince Harry podcast debate after Piers Morgan took a swipe at the Duke on Twitter.

This comes after the Duke spoke out on a new podcast episode and compared his life to The Truman Show, where the main character's life is being broadcast to the world without him knowing.

On the new podcast, Harry said his life in the public eye has been "mix between The Truman Show and living in a zoo”.

But an unimpressed Piers then took to Twitter and lashed out at Prince Harry's comments, branding him a "spoiled brat" for "yapping" about his personal life on the podcast – called Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert.

And now Alex, 40, has defended the Duke of Sussex after his Truman Show comments have left some social media users angry at the royal.

Defending the Duke online, Alex tweeted out: "The beauty of a podcast is that you can hear the way it was said. Did you listen or did you read the media summaries."

And the broadcaster even appeared to take a sly dig at his former ITV colleague Piers by adding a side note saying: "Side note: It is possible to love Prince Harry with the same heart that you love the Royal Family with."

Alex's tweets defending Harry have since caused a stir on social media, dividng opinion on the Duke's latest interview and his relationship with the Royal Family.

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One Twitter user applauded Alex's tweet, writing: "So true [Thumbs up emoji]. listen to the podcast not the headlines. Very different."

A second Twitter user agreed, saying "I listened and he said what he said. I suspect the naysayers didn't listen nor read the summaries, otherwise, their comments would be much different. But maybe not: they're so hung up on hating him & his wife."

However, others on Twitter disagreed with the GMB host and decided to voice their opinion on the matter.

One unhappy tweeter commented: "That last statement is a BOLD LIE!".

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A second follower fired back: "I agree with everything but the last sentence… That's a no from me."

And a third pointed out what they see as irony in Harry doing public interviews after leaving the UK for privacy reasons, saying: "The beauty is they left for privacy".

In his new talked-about podcast, Harry opens up about his new life in LA away from the Royal Family.

In the episode, Harry says he has felt "more free" since leaving the UK, saying: "My shoulders have dropped, so has hers [Meghan's]. You walk around feeling a little bit more free. I get to take Archie on the back of my bicycle. I never had the chance to do that."

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