Harry and Meghan leaving Netflix bosses nervous with workload, expert claims

A royal commentator has claimed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s bosses are concerned that they are “spreading themselves too thin” as they continue to take on new ventures.

Since leaving the Royal Family last March, the now-US based couple have taken on a variety of new roles, including signing deals with streaming giants Spotify and Netflix.

Most recently, Harry and Meghan have drawn criticism from some commentators after taking on roles as ‘impact partners’ at sustainable investment firm ‘Ethic’.

Now, speaking on his YouTube channel, royal commentator Neil Sean has suggested that the management of the Sussex’s new business opportunities are growing concerned about the number of jobs the pair are attempting to balance.

“Inside sources tell me that quite a few of their companies are rather nervous,” Neil claimed.

“And this is all to do with the fact that they feel both Harry, the former royal prince, and of course the former cable TV actress Meghan Markle, are spreading themselves too thin.

“Their most recent job was to sign on with ‘Ethic’ banking, strange in itself, because as we all know, what do Harry and Meghan know about finance?”

With over a year having passed since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex signed up to deals with Netflix and Spotify, the public are yet to see any substantial media produced by the couple on these platforms.

A podcast teaser episode was released last Christmas without any follow-up, and Neil suggested that the lack of movement might be causing concern among bosses.

“Sources told me at Spotify, Netflix and those other deals that they have, that they will want to see a return very soon,” he continued. “And by very soon, I would suggest at the start of 2022.

“A lot of these big companies don’t really care that much, because they get masses of PR out of their association.

“But their shareholders and backers, and of course the likes of you and me that continue to have to pay for these subscriptions, want to see something for the reason why our subscriptions keep going up.”

However, despite the reported lack of movement, royal watchers suggested that production for a documentary series might already be underway after spotting Harry and Meghan wearing microphones and cameras under heavy clothing during their trip to New York City.

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