Inside Gary and Wayne Linekers relationship and upbringing

Wayne Lineker is known as a businessman and regular on the Ibiza and Marbella party scene.

He has also made appearances on shows like The Only Way Is Essex and Celebs go dating.

Wayne is 59 years old and was born in Leicester in 1962, where he grew up with his famous brother, Gary!

But these days it is believed Wayne spends his time jet setting between Europe and London.

The famous business mogul and owner of Ocean Club Ibiza is reported to have a net worth of £30million, due to his big business empire that spans Ibiza, Zante and Paphos.

But who is he and who are his family?

Are Gary and Wayne Lineker brothers?

Wayne's older brother is former England footballer-turned-TV presenter Gary Lineker.

Gary is the older of the two and was born in 1960.

The two grew up playing football together

Wayne said: "Gary is a very intelligent guy in a general knowledge kind of way, whereas I’m not. I’m savvy and streetwise."

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Years of a reported rift started when Gary got together with his second wife Danielle.

In 2016, Wayne told The Sun: “In my opinion Danielle cost me my relationship with my brother. Sadly Gary is no longer part of my life.”

The brothers are now known to be healing that rift.

It is also believed that Wayne is close to Gary's four sons George, Harry, Angus and Tobias.

Who are Gary and Wayne Lineker's parents and what was their upbringing?

Wayne quit school at the age of just 14 and began working selling fruit and vegetables in the markets with his father.

He was born to Barry Lineker and Maragaret Abbs, who married in Leicester in 1959.

Gary's father, Barry, was a greengrocer who ran the Lineker market stall in Leicester for many years, following in his own father's footsteps.

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Both Barry's father and grandfather also worked in the vegetable business. said: "Barry, was a greengrocer who ran the Lineker market stall in Leicester for many years.

"[He] would receive help on the market stall from both his sons. This continued even when Gary became a professional footballer, when he would assist the family on the stall in the summer break.

"The Lineker family had developed a tradition of working in the fruit and vegetable business in the Leicester area for many years. Barry was born just before the outbreak of World War Two in Leicester in the summer of 1939."

What do Wayne Lineker's children's jobs and how old are they?

Wayne is the father to four children, daughter Tia and three sons Duane, Sean, and Freddie.

Tia Lineker, 23, is an influencer, model and business owner, working with the likes of PrettyLittleThing, I Saw It First, Miss Pap and Motel Rocks.

Duane co-founded and runs the popular Ocean Beach venue in Ibiza with his partner Megan. He founded the club with Wayne.

Duane, 35, has two children. His brother, Sean, reportedly helps out with the running of the club.

Freddie is around 15 and it is rumoured that his dad wants to give him a chunk of his business empire.

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