Inside Piers Morgan’s bitter feud with Jedward from GMB exit dig to revenge vow

Piers Morgan is a name repeatedly spouted on Twitter whether you love him or hate him, the man is everywhere and especially on the platform which sees him supported by 7.8million followers.

However this has not stopped fellow celebs gunning for the former Good Morning Britain presenter recently after he quit his role as a journalist for the ITV's morning show.

Piers walked out last week after 41,000 people complained to TV watchdog Ofcom over his controversial reporting of Meghan Markle.

Many dubbed him a "bully" and sent in official complaints, ITV also confirmed the Duchess of Sussex complained about Piers herself.

But one pair who have been very vocal on their dislike towards Piers are twins John and Edward Grimes, better known as Jedward.

From Winston Churchill digs to Piers threatening "woke" stars, here's their most fiery feud moments.

Winston Churchill savage dig

Last year following the murder of George Floyd at the hands of four officers in the USA it sparked riots in the UK which saw many statues being torn down, with reaction being very mixed on if they should have been removed or not.

Piers Morgan openly slammed those rioters in a number of tweets in the summer of 2020.

Coming back to present day, Jedward took aim at Piers as they called for the controversial Winston Churchill statue to be slung into Piers Morgan's back garden.

"Get that Winston Churchill statue and f*** it into Piers Morgan's back garden it has no place in today's society," the angry tweet read.

Furious at the singers’ disrespect to the former Prime Minister, and enraged Piers fired back at them in full view over social media.

Retweeting the original post, Piers said: "A) I'd be honoured to have that statue in my garden.

"B) Churchill saved Britain from the Nazis and contributed more to society every time he breathed than you talentless disrespectful clowns have done in your combined 58 years of gormless tuneless imbecility."

JK Rowling Clash

JK Rowling recently faced enormous online backlash after her comments about transgender people caused utter uproar in the community and as a result a slew of celebrities started publicly up for them.

Twitter jumped on the bandwagon, and the hashtag #RIPJKRowling began trending, as angry people started declaring the author was "cancelled".

The Harry Potter millionaire got into trouble when she suggested transgender women weren’t actually "women", and took issue with the expression "people who menstruate" on Twitter.

While denying being transphobic, she then suggested that allowing individuals to self-identify their gender could pose a potential threat to women, posting a lengthy essay on her website.

Jedward were some of the famous stars who disagreed as they asked for JK’s new book Troubled Blood to be burned.

Piers entered into another online argument with the Irish pop duo when he chimed in: "I don’t even like JK Rowling.

"I just find you clowns demanding her book be burned when you haven’t even read it pathetic."

Despite publicly entering into spats with the author himself, the broadcast journalist didn’t hide his horror over such outrage at JK Rowling’s comments.

Sharing how puzzled he was at the developments in the celebrity world, Piers told The Guardian: "Are we really at the stage where JK Rowling, one of the most woke people you could ever meet, ends up being a hashtag #RIPJKRowling?"

"That’s horrendous," he added bluntly.

So if even the presenter who called JK "superior, dismissive and arrogant" back in 2017 was rushing to her defence, the ongoing Jedward row likely isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Piers quitting Good Morning Britain

The last month has been an explosive one for 55-year-old Piers, who received intense criticism for his ongoing tirade against Meghan Markle in his role on Good Morning Britain and the various columns and posts on his social media.

But following the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s globally-watched interview with Oprah Winfrey, which saw Meghan admit to feeling suicidal while she was a senior member of the royal family and pregnant with Archie, things took a turn.

Piers publicly announced he didn’t believe the Duchess’s comments on the ITV breakfast show, and the episode proceeded to become Ofcom’s most-complained about TV moment ever.

And it wasn’t just viewers who came out in their droves, as the Life Stories presenter divided the celebrity world too – with pop singers Jedward firmly against his comments and way of presenting.

They came out and revealed they had refused to appear on GMB for an interview despite numerous invitations from ITV employees.

"We’ve turned down multiple appearances on GMB cuz of that dope! And now the future is JEPIC!" they declared.

Sharon Osbourne dragged into feud

Former The X Factor presenter, reality TV star and Ozzy Osbourne’s wife and manager Sharon Osbourne was one of the first to speak out in support of Piers Morgan during the media storm that saw him step down from Good Morning Britain.

Tweeting from her official page, Sharon spoke directly to the journalist as she said: "@piersmorgan I am with you. I stand by you.

"People forget that you’re paid for your opinion and that you’re just speaking your truth."

And now it seems the music figure has been dragged into Piers and Jedward’s ongoing feud too.

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Using the opportunity to slam down Sharon’s support, Jedward then joked about her time on the singing competition they had also been a part of, saying it was a "no" from them.

"We aren’t with you. We don’t stand with you. It’s a NO from us!" the blonde singers sniped. "Sorry you aren’t going to bootcamp!"

John and Edward then proceeded to carry on down the same path, suggesting that another X Factor judge could even be the one to replace Piers in his role as ITV anchor.

"What wrinkly white old fart could replace Piers? Oh wait Louis Walsh!" they teased.

Revenge on "woke" celebs

Piers Morgan revealed he is seeking "revenge" on the "woke" celebrities who deigned to speak out against him following the whirlwind of his exit from GMB.

Clearly in the eye of the storm, the presenter failed to respond to some of the criticism against him, but assured fans he would be catching up on them afterwards.

Issuing a warning against the various "high profile" take-downs, Piers insisted he would be "retaliating".

So will there be yet more back and forth to come between the dad-of-four and the famous Irish twins?

His tweet read: "Memo to all high-profile, insufferably woke, unctuously virtue-signalling, shamefully race-baiting hypocrites.

"I’m watching, and I will retaliate," the star finished dramatically.

Watch this space for what’s next in the entertaining feud.

It's sure to be explosive between the celebrities!

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