Joe-Warren Plant films Vanessa Bauer in fun clip amid ‘row with his girlfriend’

Dancing On Ice's Joe-Warren Plant may have found himself in deep water with his girlfriend again on Tuesday after he shared and filmed a steamy dance performance from pro-skater Vanessa Bauer.

The soap star, 18, reportedly previously found his relationship in jeopardy after his current love interest Nicole Hadlow took issue with how much time he was spending on the ice, especially with the brunette figure-skater.

Possibly adding further fuel to the fire, Joe decided to share some backstage antics of the fun he and Vanessa were having on the ice.

In one clip, he filmed the stunning German-born professional as she showed off her flexibility and skills on the ice, wearing skintight lycra bottoms and a crop top that exposed her toned torso.

The brunette beauty glided around the arena effortlessly like a ballerina to Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande's As Long As You Love Me.

She certainly put on quite the racy display for the camera as the TV star, who is better known as Jacob Gallagher, filmed the entire performance.

It seemed the pair enjoyed a lot of fun at training as a second clip showed Joe bunny hopping with his bladed boots on as Vanessa laughed away.

Seemingly having a successful day together and showing the strength of their new bond, they both shared the snippets to their own feeds.

Vanessa captioned the steamy dance display: "Ariana giving me life today.

"Also Joe-Warren Plant becoming a pro on ice and cameraman."

She shared another clip of Joe messing around and joked: "Joe you ok?"

Also adding: "Wow this kid is such a weirdo."

Meanwhile, last week it had been reported that Joe's relationship was "on the rocks" due to spending extra hours on the ice with his pro-partner Vanessa.

Joe had been pulling double shifts with his skate partner after an old injury resurfaced, forcing him to miss crucial rehearsal time.

However, this came at a cost, leading to a number of rows with his current girlfriend Nicole Hadlow.

After things turned heated, Nicole even decided to remove a number of recent cosy pictures of her boyfriend from her Instagram account.

An insider told The Sun that the pair had argued a lot over the past few weeks, with Vanessa also being part of their issues.

The source explained: "Joe and Nicole have had a series of rows in recent weeks.

"He's been spending hours on the ice with Vanessa and the trainers and it has been tough on them.

"Joe is mad for Nicole and obviously wants to make this work but it has been tough."

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