Jonathan Rosss daughter slams troll for cruel jibe at pics taken during illness

Jonathan Ross's daughter Betty has hit out a troll who criticised pictures of her taken when she had suspected long COVID.

The 30-year-old posted a string of messages on her Instagram Story saying she had been slated over a set of snaps and highlighting the "weirdness of online hate".

The troll had commented on an image comprised of nine shots of Betty, which she uploaded to her grid over a year ago.

"Nothing speaks to mental illness more than posting 9 selfies in 1 pic," the user told her. "So selfless and community focused."

Betty said the person's account suggested they did hypnotherapy, including a claim that they can "heal depression in a way that traditional talk therapies cannot".

"I do not know how effective hypnotherapy is at treating depression compared to talking therapy, but what I do know is people who claim to treat depression should not (be) using mental illness as an insult against people," she wrote.

"You shouldn't treat those with mental illnesses if you see mental illness as something embarrassing or some kind of character flaw."

Betty – who is the talk show star's eldest daughter – said the person had scrolled back almost two years to the image in question.

She also pointed out that, as Instagram was a picture sharing app, it was "pretty reasonable to assume that it's a good place to share pictures of yourself".

"This picture in question was when I was still really ill, but prior to my suspected long Covid diagnosis," she revealed.

"So when I managed to do my make-up and my hair was looking really nice, I was excited to share some pictures."

Betty said there was "nothing selfish about posting some selfies, and liking how you look doesn't automatically mean you are selfish or don't help your community".

"Being happy with how you look or how you looked in a picture is a positive thing and it doesn't make you a bad or selfish person," she said.

She concluded by saying: "There will always be weird people out there who find that intimidating or infuriating, but for every one of them there's hundreds or thousands who want to see you flourish!"

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