Katie Prices wildest confessions – Mile High club, group romps and Playboy

Katie Price is well known for her racy antics off screen.

She first found fame as a glamour model under the pseudonym Jordan, before heading into the Australian jungle for her first stint on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

But it's clear that away from the cameras, the 45-year-old media personality has lived a life on the edge, having three marriages and countless lovers, she has never held back.

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The Daily Star is taking a look back at some of her raciest confessions of what really goes on between the sheets.

Lesbian romp for Playboy

Katie previously turned Playboy bunny for a Lesbian romp as she previously opened up about how she has experimented with women during her wild younger years.

In 2002, Katie says she stayed at the Playboy mansion with Hugh Hefner and revealed during a talk event in 2016 that she had threesomes with women.

She told The Sun: "I have had time with a woman, not a relationship, but only when I am drunk, never sober.

"You know when you're with your mates like in a room, mucking about, like the Playboy Mansion."

She continued: "I have, like, had threesomes and all of that. It was years ago."

However, Katie also spilled that she never had sex with Hugh and ruined her chances of being a Playboy Bunny because she, "p***ed in the famous grotto".

The Mile High Club

Following her break-up from her husband Kieran, the Mucky Mansion star bragged about becoming a member of the Mile High Club.

She confessed to liking "risky, public sex" but says doing the deed in the toilets isn't for her because it's "too obvious".

She told Fabulous magazine: "You just do it other ways, don't you? Put the blanket over you, little… yeah.

She even added: "You can only do it in first-class in my way."

Group Sessions

The star has admitted that not only does she not mind sharing an intimate moment in front of other people in a group, she is partial to a group session.

Katie previously held a question and answer session on a video for her own YouTube channel, where she discussed her ideal man.

One fan asked where the strangest place she has ever done the deed, to which she replied: "The strangest place that I’ve ever had sex… well, it’s not that it’s the strangest, I suppose it’s what I have done, in different situations.

"Once, I was in my cinema room and there was loads of us in there. And me and my partner at the time were under the cover just slowly having sex and knowing that everyone were all in the room, like, watching TV."

She later revealed that she likes doing the deed in a group where she said: "I drove up to a place called the Devil’s Dyke near where I live, naked, all of us in the car. We all got out and had sex."

Peter Andre in the toilet

In 2010, Peter wrote his autobiography, All About Us – My Story where he opened up about his sex life with his ex-wife.

He and Katie met and became close during filming of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

According to The Mirror, in the book he wrote how the glamour model once forced her way into his lockdown room.

He wrote that at the time, she exclaimed: "No, you can't let me go. I've never felt this way about anyone.

"Never, never, never. Look, I'll prove it to you… I'll never leave your side… every day… every night… do you want a little suck?"

Later, he explained that the 'acorn was once again an oak,' and the subsequently wondered "what it would be like to be inside her."

Alex Reid

When Katie competed in Celebrity Big Brother in 2015, she made some surprising revelations about her relationship with her ex-husband Alex Reid.

She explained: ""I couldn't put enough up there … A lot of straight men like to have the pinkie up there, but Alex wanted it all.

"That's why I divorced him. Because I didn't want to be the man."

Later on, she later confessed to even more graphic descriptions of their private life in her autobiography.

"Think of the most disturbing porn you could imagine, and times that by ten. Only then are you getting close to what I witnessed and what Alex wanted me to join in with.

"By the time we split up his sleazy, sordid behaviour had left me feeling disturbed, vulnerable and frightened."

She added: "I've tried a few things in my time, but I'd never before f**ked a man dressed up as a woman who happened to be my husband. I felt as if I was crossing a line, going to a dark place where there were no boundaries, where there was no normal."


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