Kerry Katona says abusive ex George Kay ‘threatened to rape her and her mum’

Kerry Katona has opened up about being caught up in drug abuse and her rocky love life.

In a candid interview with TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson, the former Atomic Kitten star tells of how she locked herself and her young daughter in a cupboard to escape her third husband George Kay after he beat and threatened to rape her.

She also tells of how her former partner, Westlife singer Brian McFadden cheated on her multiple times and how she 'pursued marriages because she was desperate for a perfect family'.

But she reveals there is a silver lining as she now has a 'wonderful new fiancé and has found solace in Christianity'.

Kerry, 40, is 13 years clean of drugs after first being introduced to speed by her mum when she was just 14 years old.

She previously told in an interview she would purposefully binge on drugs to take her to the brink of death by triggering fits.

Now she has told Ulrika in the interview, written for The Sun, of the horrors of her drug-riddled childhood – and how she struggled with substance abuse in her adult life.

She said: “I was in and out of foster care. Worked as a lapdancer. I was doing drugs at 14 and when Atomic Kitten broke up I went back to live with my mum and the drugs started all over again, because if you lie down with dogs you’re going to get fleas.”

She added there was "always a little girl inside me wanting someone to look after me, but I realise now that I’m the only one who can look after me".

Kerry suffered more heartache in 2019 when her third husband George Kay, known as Gorgeous George, died from a drug overdose.

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Kerry first met the rugby league player when she was 14 and she proposed when she was 17, but she did not accept.

After they eventually married in 2014, Kerry was again embroiled in a world of drugs.

George suffered mental health issues and was often under the influence of drugs.

Kerry, who had a daughter Dylan-Jorge (DJ), seven, with George, told how she suffered constant beatings by George.

She said he would threaten her, try and control her coercively, as well as making her feel degraded.

She said “the worst thing he did was spit in my face,” adding she "got to the point where she would rather take a good beating than have him spit in my face".

Kerry also told of how she would covering up the bruises on her body with make-up before public appearances.

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The star said his mental health deteriorated and his need of drugs increased and that at one point he threatened to rape her and her mum as well as harming their daughters.

To escape him Kerry, who split from George in 2017, was forced to hide herself and her daughter in a cupboard.

“It’s so hard to leave. It’s impossible. Anyone who knows, knows,” she said.

Kerry married first husband Brian aged 21 and she moved to Ireland to create a life with him and their two daughters, Molly, 19, and Lilly,18.

She claims he cheated on her several times before they split up in 2004.

Speaking of the relationship, she said: "My failures do not define me. The way I see it, anyway, is that there are no ‘failures’ in life, only lessons. I learn something new every day.”

She next married taxi driver Mark Croft, 50, shortly after, who she shares kids Heidi, 14, and Max, 13.

But Kerry doesn't speak of Mark much as she has nothing positive to say.

Now Kerry reckons she has found true happiness with fiancé Ryan Mahoney, who she has been dating for the past three years.

They have a conventional relationship – something Kerry has not really experienced before.

And she is already thinking about a starting a family with Ryan.

She said: “It would be selfish of me to have another child. But I would do it for Ryan. So I’m freezing my eggs and we will see what happens.”

Kerry is currently making huge cash via adult subscription site OnlyFans, where she sells seductive pictures of herself.

It is a stark contrast to earlier parts of her life when she was twice declared bankrupt and left feeling suicidal.

She said: “I want to make money, I’m a grafter. I’ve been working since I was 14.

“Now, with something like OnlyFans, I’m actually making money while I sleep."

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