Logan Pauls wild film career – co-star brother, brutal axe and film controversy

Many people know Logan Paul from his outspoken challenges when it comes to boxing, and some controversy over the years for his YouTube videos.

As well as sport and filming his own projects, Paul has also had quite a few acting roles in both film and TV.

None of them have been a box-office smash though, unfortunately for him.

From dystopian future landscapes to oddly outdated comedies, to police crime dramas and even a stint on the Masked Singer, it seems there's nothing that Jake Paul won't try.

Here are some of his varied on-screen moments from over the years.

The Thinning

The 2016 film was described as a "social science fiction thriller", and was directed by Michael Gallagher, and is set in 2039.

The United Nations declares that all nations must annually cut their populations by 5%.

Alongside Paul starred Peyton List, Lia Marie Johnson, Calum Worthy, Michael Glave and Stacey Dash.

The plot of the film revolves around controlling the population with a school aptitude test.

Those who fail or are found lacking are duly executed, as a way of keeping the population down.

The Thinning: New World Order

Despite the first film receiving lukewarm reviews, scoring 62% on Rotten Tomatoes, Logan later announced that a sequel was being made.

It was eventually released on YouTube Premium after it was cancelled for some time, due to public outrage thanks to Logan's upsetting video.

He filmed the body of a man in Japan's notorious "suicide forest." The film received negative reviews, saying it lacked much in the way of plot and focused on Logan's character too much.

YouTube released a statement saying: "The entire cast and crew worked extremely hard to complete this film last year. In fairness to all of them and the fans who have been asking for the sequel, we decided to release 'The Thinning: New World Order"

The Masked Singer

The hugely popular bizarre singing show is also a smash hit across the pond in the US too, and Logan took part in the series earlier this year.

He was revealed to be the person behind the 'Grandpa Monster' costume.

As a nod to his notorious behaviour, he performed Joan Jett’s classic, Bad Reputation. Judge Nicole Scherzinger was close with her guess, as she thought it was his brother, Jake Paul.

He said: “I’m sad to go home.

“Singing is so scary for me and being in this costume ironically, as restrictive as it is, I felt so free.

Law and Order

Logan had a cameo part in the long-running series, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

He appeared in an episode called 'Intimidation Game' as a character called Brandon.

The episode revolves around a female computer game designer who has been facing threats and intimidation.

Logan's character Brandon heads up the group that are against the designer, and after a cat-and-mouse style chase inspired by their games, he gets involved in a gunfight with police on the rooftop.


Logan's brother Jake starred in the Disney series Bizaardvark, and Logan naturally ended up with a guest spot in the show.

He starred in an episode called The First Law Of Dirk. It premiered on August 14, 2016 to 1.5 million viewers.

Jake plays Dirk Mann, and Logan played the character of Kirk. The episode sees Dirk's character persuaded to behave, as Kirk fears his brother will never be the same again.

Jake later has his contract with Disney severed thanks to Logan's videos and complaints from Jake's neighbours about bad behaviour that went viral.

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