Martine McCutcheon shows off youthful look after getting Botox to smooth face

Martine McCutcheon has taken to her social media to show off her latest round of anti-aging Botox injections.

The 45-year-old star showed off the latest round of the anti-aging procedure posted photos to her Instagram page whilst enjoying the sun.

She has been open before about her love of anti-aging treatments and fans have praised her youthful looks.

Martine posted a series of photos whilst wearing a polka dot dress from Wallis, as part of her partnership with the brand as well as giving her followers tips on how to style summer clothes throughout the colder months.

She captioned the photos: "With Autumn just round the corner I have been looking for ways to revamp my Summer wardrobe.

"light knitwear or a jacket and boots on top, completely changing up the look – perfect for the ever-changing British weather!"

EastEnders icon Martine also posted a video on her Instagram stories where she said she was wearing the spotty dress to go out for a girly lunch and also mentioned it was a perfect outfit for her friend's birthday party.

However, despite fans enjoying her tips on fashion, they particularly commented on her youthful looks as a result of her recent Botox treatment.

One fan commented: “I very rarely comment but you look lovely, confident, and positive against all odds,” as another said: "You look absolutely stunning."

Back in 2011 Martine was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome ME as well as being told last year told by doctors that she had Lyme disease, as well as fibromyalgia, which causes pain all over her body.

After being open about her love of anti-aging treatments, Martine shared a video on her social media undergoing Botox treatment in August.

In 2016 she had a wrinkle eliminating eye treatment but in the recent video she explains her areas of concern on her face to her clinician.

She said: "My main concern is here. Can we sort that out with Botox?"

Martine first said that she turned to Botox when her skin was 'ravaged' by the stress of her health conditions and although she looked 'strange' after the first round of treatments she's now grown to love it.

She said: "I had Botox and I didn't like it, it made me look a bit strange, and then I had it again, and Oh my god, I loved it, I absolutely loved it, because it didn't look like I wasn't me anymore, I just didn't looked like me but not a creased pillow basically.”

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