Nadia Sawalha heartbroken over pets illness following her horrific burns injury

Nadia Sawalha has really been going through it as of late after having a freak accident at home resulting in harsh burns up the side of her neck alongside her beloved pet pooch Chi Chi battling with her health.

The Loose Women panellist accidentally caused the burns herself when trying to heat up some honey in the microwave, which ended up exploding all over her neck and singing her skin.

In a YouTube video, Nadia explained: "I opened the microwave and the plastic bottle was two seconds from exploding like shrapnel.

"I panic and go to get the honey. It leaps out the pot and sprays everywhere all over me and splashes up my neck.

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"I was screaming and pulling my clothes off. I stuck my head in the sink. The pain was excruciating."

Nadia, 56, has also been dealing with her cockapoo's increasingly worrying health conditions, with symptoms so strange even vets have been perplexed.

The star took to social media to share the news with her 452k Instagram followers who she said love her pup too.

Over the past week, she has been sharing adorable images of her dog with captions explaining her current state and how she's been going.

On Friday, Nadia shared a series of family pup pics to her fans with a heart-wrenching message alongside them.

She said: "Chi chi has quite frankly been through hell over the last week.

"She has been in hospital since Monday night. It’s been an absolute roller coaster as her symptoms were so complexed and therefore baffling.

"There have been many suggestions for her diagnosis everything from snake bites to lupus has been discussed. And at one point they thought the internal bleeding she’d had would leave her totally blind.

"We were convinced we were about to lose her and this morning was utterly heartbreaking as we waited for the call from the vet.

"BUT when he DID call the news was so much better than we had dreaded!!"

The actress explained that after seeing a range of specialists and having every scan imaginable, they settled on a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease which can hopefully be treated with drugs for the rest of her life.

"She’s not out of the woods yet and she will be in hospital for a while longer. BUT the great news is she’s not totally blind as we’d feared. The vet said he feels her vision has improved a little in one eye," Nadia added.

In the latest update, Nadia posted a picture of Chi Chi sitting at her back door looking out to her garden with a more positive note.

She said: "Chi Chi update… Thank you for all of your messages.

"Good news is that the hospital rang and said she was wagging her tail today!

"She may still need surgery so she won't be home for a bit.

"But so happy to hear she's wagging again!"

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