Naga Munchetty concerns fans with abrupt exit after having coughing fit on air

Naga Munchetty suffered an unfortunate incident in the first hour of her show on BBC Radio 5 Live on Tuesday morning.

The BBC Breakfast presenter was discussing the easing of travel restrictions with a bar owner from Benidorm and asked for listener’s opinions on the matter.

She told them: “I would love to hear from you on this”, but shortly after she began to cough, apologising to her audience and attempting to continue with the show.

Poor Naga appeared to gain some composure but it returned after a few moments and the cough began to linger.

The persistent cough meant Munchetty had to resort to removing herself from the microphone, apologising to listeners and playing a pre-recorded audio clip whilst she gained composure.

Munchetty quickly announced that she was off for a cough before muting her microphone, saying: “Right, give me a second, I’m just going to cough.”

She returned momentarily, reassuring listeners that she was “all good”, but it returned once more and had to disguise it with an audio clip.

Naga added: “Sorry, let’s play a clip of Boris Johnson and I can grab a quick glass of water.”

On Twitter, Naga replied to a concerned fan who wrote: “Naga we are all in our office listening as always, we are all (male/female) fans of you, we worry as you are always coughing, spluttering and losing your voice..having drinks of water, reassure us you are OK”, to which she replied: “Just getting over a cold. Thanks for asking! X”.

Meanwhile, another recent Twitter exchange left Naga in defence of her personal eating habits whilst she relaxed watching the 2020 Ryder Cup after she wrote: “I’m at a friends place, am watching #RyderCup2020 and am comfort eating #pasta x”.

One Twitter user responded with “Now now, think about all those carbs” to which she quickly clapped back “I have thought about it…they’re wonderful x”.

The same user then replied: “Just don’t forget to walk them off in the morning. A few rounds of golf will set you right.”

A fan then jumped to her defence, replying: “Are you knowledgeable about fitness, because you certainly aren't when it comes to nutrition. Get some pasta inside ya belly, and study more.”

The 46-year-old joined the BBC Breakfast crew in 2010 and began presenting BBC Radio 5 Live back in January this year, replacing Emma Barnett.

The Naga Munchetty Show airs Monday to Wednesday from 10am until 1pm on BBC Radio 5 Live and discusses news, current events and interviews. She also presents BBC Breakfast Thursday to Saturday.

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