Ozzy Osbourne says UFOs are f*****g real and governments are hiding the truth

Rock icon Ozzy Osbourne believes that governments will never admit alien life exists because it could destroy religious belief and spark mass public disorder.

Ozzy has done a U-turn on his opinion about ETs.

He now believes that UFOs have trekked to Earth since the dawn of time after at first being a sceptic of little green men.

The metalhead was blown away by recent US Navy footage showing unidentified objects flying at high speeds in the Earth's atmosphere alongside fighter pilots.

The US government also last month released a bundle of UFO documents detailing more than 100 close encounters with officials admitting they're at a loss to explain the phenomenon.

And he reckons governments around the world won't tell all over fears for mankind's ability to deal with life outside earth.

Ozzy said: "There is a lot coming out now and there is stuff that they are releasing now. The film of the fighter pilots. I mean it's f***ing real, have you seen these things?

"I was a non-believer but I am leaning towards that (being real) now.

"And the reason why they do not tell us is because if they told us about other things on other planets is that would be f*** the religions and everything up.

"They all cannot be false."

Asked if he believed the earth has been visited by ETs, the 72-year-old said: "When you go back into the biblical times when something came and you did not know what it was, or you did not know how things were flying you saw something you would think it was f***ing God.

"When I was in one of the rehabs this one kid read this chapter from the bible and it sounds like a f***ng alien ship."

Ozzy would be too scared to even move should he come face to face with an outer space visitor.

"I would not make a sudden f***ing move that is for sure," he said.

"We come in peace… bang. What would happen if they land in America where everyone has a f***ing gun."'

Asked if he would have an anal probe, he joked: "No, but I know a few people who would – and be happy about it."

He spoke on his Sirius XM channel Ozzy's Boneyard.

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