Phoenix Announce Book For ‘Super-Fans’

French synth-pop band Phoenix announced a new book, titled Phoenix: Liberté, Égalité, Phoenix! Described as “a superfan’s chronicle of the evolution of a band,” it’s due out October 15th.

Phoenix: Liberté, Égalité, Phoenix! will draw on Phoenix’s personal archive of photographs, notes, lyrics and more, and will be accompanied by an oral history composed from interviews with the band, conducted by and co-written with The Guardian deputy music editor Laura Snapes.

The book coincides with several important anniversaries for the band: the 30th anniversary of when the band members first began playing together as a “garage band” in school, the 20th anniversary of their debut Untitled and the 10th anniversary of their breakthrough Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.

Phoenix’s most recent album was 2017’s Ti Amo. In an interview with Rolling Stone, frontman Thomas Mars said, “Making music was always a joyous thing that we were happy to do, and it stayed that way. You see things that are evolving and changing around you, and then there’s something dark, but somehow you keep in mind that there is a value and a quality in just keeping your mind. That’s not to say it’s disconnected and it’s apolitical; it’s just that it seems joyous and therefore it doesn’t mean it’s in denial [of what’s happened].”

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