Prince Harry mocked over his famous nude Las Vegas pics on new podcast

Prince Harry was mocked by podcast host Dax Shepard over his now-infamous naked photos from Las Vegas.

Back in 2012, a website in the United States published pictures showing Prince Harry stripped off in a Las Vegas Hotel room.

Gossip website TMZ shared the pics that were taken on a private holiday.

The royal appeared on the Armchair Expert with Dax Shepherd podcast, when the host poked fun at him for the saucy snaps.

Dax admits: “In full disclosure, I am the most ill-informed person on the royal family, at least in my circle. You’re the only one I ever knew.”

He jests: “Simply because, you were in those awesome nude photos in Vegas!” as his co-host Monica Padman. bursts out laughing.

“I literally said to myself, ‘this guy’s a party!’” he exclaimed.

Prince Harry replies: “You’re constantly looking for other people to balance out your own behaviour, right?”

Dax agrees: “Exactly! Truthfully, it’s relatable! On top of that, I was like this motherf***** has got a good body, you were in tremendous shape!”

Harry brushes off the compliment, interrupting “Now it’s getting weird”

“We haven’t touched weird yet!” insists Dax.

The Prince recalls: “That was a few weeks before I went to Afghanistan.”

Dax said: “This is the other reason I knew you. I was there in ’07 and the big hubbub was that you were going to be arriving. I remember thinking, ‘oh wow, they send princes into battle?’ that was not what I thought happened”

Harry said wryly: “So much for keeping it quiet! At least I wasn’t running down the Strip, stripping, or more naked, at least.”

Dax insisted: “You could have been one of the dancing boys of Afghanistan, do you know about that?”

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