See Chris Martin Perform Coldplay's 'Biutyful' With Puppet Band the Weirdos on 'Fallon'

Chris Martin took a break from Coldplay’s tour and duetting with Bruce Springsteen to perform alongside puppet band the Weirdos on The Tonight Show.

Prior to their WTF performance of Coldplay’s “Biutyful,” Martin and the Weirdos — singer Angel Moon, drummer Donk, guitarist Sparkman, and the Wizard — told host Jimmy Fallon about their origin story; while the band claims to be from outer space, they’re reportedly the creation of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.

“The rest of the band, Coldplay and I, we were lucky enough to get tickets to see them in concert, we just tried to get their attention and say, ‘Please, one day, can we work together?’” Martin said.

The Weirdos have previously appeared onstage with Coldplay to play “Biutyful” during the band’s current Music of the Spheres tour. Friday’s Tonight Show appearance followed the Weirdos signing what was described as a “historic” contract with Atlantic Records earlier this week to release their debut album, Billboard reports.

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