Stacey Solomon says Joe Swash ‘loves her bush’ as she slams body-shaming trolls

Loose Women star Stacey Solomon has revealed that boyfriend Joe Swash loves her "70s bush" as she slams evil trolls.

The mother of three, 31, has let slip that her former EastEnders actor boyfriend embraces her bushy pubic hair.

Talking candidly to Fabulous magazine: "I remember as a teenager, my friends would be like: 'Eww, you’ve got pubes, that’s dirty.' But without it, I thought I looked about six years old.

"What man is going to be attracted to a noonie that looks like a baby’s? In the 70s it was all about the bush, wasn’t it? What changed? Luckily, Joe loves the bush, so that’s OK!"

Stacey, who boasts 3.8 million followers on Instagram, has become a social media icon over the past few years but she's recognised there is a negative side to the online platform.

The former X factor contestant has been targeted by evil trolls over her body hair in the past, and she's admitted that she doesn't get why people are so bothered by it.

Stacey said: "They’re not even that bloody hairy! I wonder if people are actually seeing arm hair any more.

"Are people airbrushing that off now as well? I actually don’t see hairy anything on women these days.

"So when people are seeing a tiny bit of hair they’re like: 'What the hell? She’s a monster!'

She added: "I’m not ashamed of my body hair, people being disgusted by it is ridiculous because it’s obviously meant to be there."

Stacey admits she tries to not to let the trolls, who she nicknames Susan, get to her but it can affect her at times.

She explained: "It’s so silly. What kind of insult is calling me goofy? Sometimes, there are moments when I’m hormonal where I find it difficult, but most of the time I feel sorry for people who feel they have to be like that.

“How awful that your only pleasure is trying to drag someone else down.

"I think they’re crying out for attention, which is really sad. The only way that they can change my mood is if I let them, so I take the power back because they don’t deserve to have it.

"They can’t upset me if I’m not upset."

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