Sting’s wildest sex confessions as he turns 70 – seven hour sex to swinging ban

Musician Sting isn’t afraid to air his undergarments in public.

Over the years, The Police frontman has been rather up-front about his own sex life, from explaining the benefits of hours-long tantric sex sessions to being ‘banned’ from trying out swinging by his wife Trudie Styler.

Though some of his claims have been debunked by his partners, Sting’s sex life has dominated media headlines for a long time.

And, as the star celebrates his 70th birthday, we take a look back at the wildest admissions over the years – from a seven hour sex session to ‘tawdry’ dressing up dates.

Seven-hour sex

Sting hit headlines when he insisted he and his wife Trudie Styler once enjoyed a whopping seven hour sex session together.

Sting rhapsodised the benefits of tantric sex – that is, a slow, meditative form of sex which incorporates elements of yoga – multiple times over the years.

The rumours go that Sting and Trudie enjoyed sex sessions ranging anywhere from five hours to 24 – that’s a whole day and night of enjoying each other’s bodies.

However, the star has since clarified that it was not meant literally, and the comment in 1990 was taken rather out of context.

Speaking on Inside The Actor’s Studio to James Lipton in 2014, Sting explained: "If we had seven hours, I would demonstrate. Maybe not. But there is some truth to it.

"The idea of tantric sex is a spiritual act. I don’t know any purer and better way of expressing a love for another individual."

He quipped: "Seven hours includes movie and dinner."

Trudie, meanwhile, insisted the sessions were merely a "myth" – and was able to explain how it potentially all started.

In an interview with The Sun, she explained the rumours came from an interview Sting conducted with Bob Geldof, elaborating: "Geldof said he was a three-minute man, but, as Sting did yoga, he could probably go for hours.

"Sting then added, ‘Haven’t you heard of tantric sex?’ It sort of became a cause célèbre.

"The tantric hours got extended and, suddenly, I was doing it all day long. Well, if only," she joked.

Kissing men

Sting has admitted that snogging another man during a love scene for the 1995 drama flick The Grotesque "wasn’t entirely unpleasant".

Quizzed on whether he felt anything for the other actor sexually by Advocate magazine in 2013, Sting explained: "I think that's very dangerous, because the easiest way to portray someone in love or someone in lust is to be in love or in lust.

"That's a very easy thing to fall into. If you're making love to a beautiful man or a beautiful woman — it's a quite attractive idea to your body."

He added that the other actor also had no experience in kissing men, and joked: Now we both have. So I suppose we’re gay now."

The musician explained that he has never had a "gay relationship" but has "very close, loving relationships" with the men he works with.

Swinging ban

Sting’s wife Trudie has gone as far as forbidding her husband to engage in the practice of swinging, after it was reported that the duo enjoyed kinky threesomes and were into wife swapping.

But Trudie soon put a stop to those rumours, telling the Evening Standard in 2012 that she is "a very possessive person".

She said: "Look, we are very much in love, we have a wonderful physical married life, a great sex life, and we've never hidden that – and I count myself lucky that I am as much in love with my husband as I was 22 years ago.

"In the early days, when he was at the height of his career with The Police and we were spending much more time apart, it was a lot harder for me."

Tawdry lovemaking

Sting might even be up for a bit of roleplaying when it comes to finding entertainment in the bedroom, as he "likes to dress [Trudie] up".

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Sting said he likes to be “playful” when it comes to antics pertaining to the boudoir, and called their lovemaking "tawdry".

"We like tawdry. We treat every day as it comes. Relationships aren’t easy, and I don’t think they’re particularly natural, but we’re lucky because we actually like each other."

He added: "Trudie lights up my world when she comes into a room. I don’t take her for granted."

Dirty video

Trudie was also quick to clear up the rumours that emerged of her allegedly making a rather dirty video in support of her husband when he was playing the Hollywood Bowl back in 1991.

She explained to the Evening Standard that the incident had been blown out of proportion, explaining that many of the performers’ families and friends were asked to record special greetings before the performance.

"I thought it would be hilarious if I got together with some of my male friends, and lay on my bed saying, ‘Hello, darling, happy birthday. Sorry I can’t be with you, it’s so lonely when you’re on the road.’

"And then the camera pans down to three of my mates putting on their trousers."

Trudie dubbed the video "harmless" – and it clearly was all in jest, as the pair are still just as loved up today.

Erotic bedroom art

Sting and Trudie have certainly never been shy, as they opened their bedroom up to the public to reveal the abundance of erotic art they have on the walls.

The rock star flung open the doors to his £12million Manhattan apartment back in 2012 to give fans a glimpse inside his home.

The bedroom he shares with Trudie then contained two rather explicit prints from Helmut Newton – one featuring a ‘virtually naked’ woman with her legs spread at the back of a vintage Mercedes.

A man can also be seen leaning over from the front seat of the car, busy unzipping one of her intimidating heeled boots.

The other painting, which sits above the bed, simply shows the bottom half of a woman wearing only stockings, suspenders and a pair of high heels.

Trudie admitted she finds the artwork “hot” – and it seems perfect for spicing things up behind closed doors.

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