Watch Ariana Grande Get Tearful in Excuse Me, I Love You Trailer: This Show 'Saved My Life'

You want it, you got it!

On Friday, Ariana Grande released the official trailer of her Netflix tour docu-film excuse me, i love you, which is set to drop Dec. 21.

Cutting between scenes from Grande, 27, backstage and onstage — and with her hit "7 rings" playing in the background — the trailer offers an inside look at some of the silly and emotional moments during her Sweetener World Tour last year.

"I have no idea where the f— I'm going," she says with a laugh as the trailer starts. Later, she tells her collaborator and back up dancer Scott Nicholson that she "needs to film something for Mariah," seemingly referencing Mariah Carey. (Carey, 50, enlisted Grande and Jennifer Hudson recently for a rendition of "Oh Santa!" in Carey's Christmas special this year.)

The trailer then shifts to a pre-show pep talk with Grande and her dancers as she starts to tear up.

"It's been hard physically and mentally," she says. "This show for sure, for sure saved my life this year."

The scene then cuts to her saying, "I just inhaled a tear," with a laugh.

Grande surprised fans on Thursday announcing the release of the Netflix film, calling it a "love letter" to her fans.

"Releasing this as a love letter to u all, in celebration of all that we’ve shared over the past few years," she wrote on Instagram. "I know this project only captures some of one tour (out of all the other hundreds of shows and moments we have shared over the past six or seven years… jesus lol) but i just wanted to thank u all for showing me more in this lifetime already than i ever dreamed of."

She also made it clear in her Instagram post that she's "looking forward to a change of pace" after dropping three albums in less than two years and hitting 101 stops during her 2019 tour.

"i’ve learned, seen and felt so much," she wrote. "it’s been such an honor to share so much of this life with u."

The new film arrives just weeks after dropping Positions in late October. Also from her Sweetener World Tour, Grande shared a 32-track live album titled k bye for now, featuring the show's entire setlist, last year.

excuse me, i love you is out Dec. 21.

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