Where Labyrinth cast are now – Hollywood, tragic deaths and famous husband

"You remind me of the babe, what babe? The babe with the power" are lyrics firmly remembered the generations of fans who grew up watching Jim Henson's fantasy musical Labyrinth – along with some of David Bowie's memorable outfits as Jareth the Goblin King.

It certainly had the power to bring fans to the box office, raking in a huge $25 million (£18 million) and landing a top twenty hit for star David Bowie with the song Underground.

Since its release on November 28 1986, the film has become a cult classic around the world and here, The Daily Star looks at where the cast and voice actors are now.

David Bowie – Jareth

Music legend David Bowie starred as Jareth the Goblin King in the classic 1986 film, in his iconic outfits and mullet hairstyle.

Bowie also wrote music for the film, including songs 'Within you', 'Magic Dance' and 'As the world falls down', which features in Labyrinth's dream-like ballroom sequence – a scene where many viewers certainly wanted to be Sarah dancing with the handsome Jareth.

The scene was even inspired by Henson himself, who reportedly used to host annual Masquerade Balls for his employees.

The hit film also led to further chart success for Bowie, when 'Underground', which features at the beginning and end of the film, also reached number 21 in 1986.

After Labyrinth, Bowie released a number of albums including Earthling and The Next Day, performing legendary sets at festivals including Glastonbury in 2000.

Sadly, David Bowie died from cancer on January 10 2016, a few days after releasing his final, critically acclaimed album Black Star.

Jennifer Connolly – Sarah

Jennifer Connolly starred as Sarah, the teenager who enters the Labyrinth to rescue her brother Toby.

She described working on the film as a "wonderland" to Entertainment Tonight in 2015, adding that she loved Jim Henson and David Bowie was "so sweet".

After Labyrinth, Jennifer hasn't left our screens and went on to star in a number of Hollywood films including The Day the Earth Stood Still, Noah, Hulk and He's just not that into you.

She is also listed as appearing in the upcoming Top Gun sequel Maverick.

Jennifer also has a very famous husband – since 2003, she has been married to Avengers actor Paul Bettany and they have three children.

Paul Bettany even told Entertainment Online that he'd had a crush on Jennifer since he saw her in Labyrinth, saying: "What 13-year-old boy didn't have a crush on Jennifer Connelly when they saw Labyrinth?"

Toby Froud – Toby

Toby Froud was two years old when he played baby Toby, who is taken to the goblin city.

Now all grown up and aged 37, the fantasy world of the Labyrinth seems to have inspired his career as a special effects designer.

Toby has since worked as a sculptor and designer on films including The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and a sculptor for animated film The Box Trolls in 2014.

In an incredible path that has come full circle, he has since returned to the world of Henson as a design supervisor for the Netflix series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance in 2019, produced by the Henson Company.

Shari Weiser – Hoggle

Shari Weiser starred as Hoggle, who is the first character that Sarah meets on her journey through the Labyrinth.

She also featured in films including Babes in Toyland in 1986 and was interviewed for the documentary, Inside the Labyrinth.

Brian Henson, son of Jim Henson, also followed in his dad's footsteps and not only worked on the film, but provided the voice for Hoggle.

Henson is now a chairman of the Jim Henson Company and has since worked on programmes and films including The Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet Treasure Island, That Puppet Game Show and Earth to Ned.

He is also reported to have a huge net worth of $150 million (£111 million).

David Shaughnessy – Sir Diddymus

David Shaughnessy provided the voice for the brave knight Sir Diddymus, who had a loyal, but not as brave, sheepdog as his companion.

Dave Goelz and David Barclay were also the puppeteers for the character in the film.

Since Labyrinth, David Shaughnessy has continued to work as a voice actor for films, television programmes and video games including Big Hero 6, Star Wars Rebels and Peter Pan and the Pirates.

Ron Mueck – Ludo

Model maker and puppeteer Ron Mueck played Ludo in the 1986 film.

Since Labyrinth, Mueck has had a slight change of career, becoming known for his life like sculpture work, which has been exhibited in a number of galleries around the world.

Ludo was also brought to life by puppeteer and actor Rob Mills, who since Labyrinth, has worked on films and television series including Dinosaurs and Fraggle Rock.

Shelley Thompson – Sarah's Stepmother

Award winning actress Shelley Thompson appeared at the beginning of Labyrinth as Sarah's stepmother, Irene Williams.

In the eighties, she also starred in an episode of BBC soap EastEnders as Debbi Jansen in 1988.

Since Labyrinth, Thompson has continued to star in television programmes and films including Rookie Blue, and is also an award winning feature film writer, producer and director.

Christopher Malcolm – Sarah's father

Christopher Malcolm starred as Sarah's father in the 1986 film, but before Labyrinth, Malcolm also played another famous role.

He was the original Brad Majors in The Rocky Horror Show, and even co-produced the West End revival of the hit production in 1990, as well as around the world.

He had a hugely successful acting career, both on stage and screen, starring in films including Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Highlander and as Justin in the comedy Absolutely Fabulous in eleven episodes, alongside Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley.

Malcolm sadly died aged 67 in 2014, with his daughter posting on Twitter that he "left peacefully and with dignity. He will always be my hero."

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