Where Spandau Ballet are now – bitter feud, £200k lawsuit and Krays connection

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Spandau Ballet were arguably one of the biggest bands of the '80s with their appealing new romantic style, but where are they now?

They sold over 25 million records worldwide and are still one of the best-known bands to ever come out of the UK music scene

Their hits True, Through The Barricades, and Gold are all still heavily played on the radio, in adverts, and on TV shows.

They formed in 1979 and enjoyed over 11 years of chart success before taking a 19-year hiatus from 1990 to 2009 when they reunited again.

However, they went their separate ways again in 2019 after a brief line-up mix-up and now appear to have called it quits permanently while they pursue other projects.

Tony Hadley

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The ultimate '80s heartthrob Tony was adored by screaming girls everywhere in the heyday of the band, but he butted heads with Martin a lot during his time in the group.

Tony quit the band from 1990 until 2009 when they reformed for a short duration.

He then left again in 2017 leading to the band once again putting things on the back burner by 2019, and made it clear that he was done with the band for good.

And while the rest of Spandau Ballet have vowed not to tour without Tony at the forefront again, there's certainly no love lost for Tony, who claimed in 2020: "I'd rather be happy on my own than be in that band again."

He added: "We were always the ones who argued.

"He’s got a very strong personality and so have I. And it could produce an atmosphere that was not very pleasant.."

Most recently Tony has recorded a charity version of Robbie Williams' hit single Angels alongside Marcella Detroit, Jools Holland and Glen Matlock.

The single was released as a tribute to music producer Steve Brown who sadly passed away last year with profits going to his Covid-19 charity.

Gary Kemp

Gary was undoubtedly the group's most powerful asset thanks to his songwriting prowess.

He penned all of their big hits – something which earned him a coveted Ivor Novello award for Outstanding Song Collection in 2012.

However, there was a whole heap of controversy surrounding Gary's relationship with his bandmates that came to light when they tried to sue him in 1999, costing them a whopping two £200,000 each.

The only member of the group who didn't take part in the lawsuit was in fact his brother Martin Kemp.

The court case – aimed at distributing a share of the royalties from his songwriting with the rest of the band – failed and the claim was put to bed.

Gary has had a very successful acting career both on stage and screen outside of the band. Most notably he played the role of Ronnie Kray with Martin alongside him to play twin brother Reginald in The Krays.

Gary notably visited Ronnie in Broadmoor to prepare for the role.

Most recently Gary released his second solo studio album INSOLO, the follow-up to his 1995 debut album Little Bruises earlier this year.

Martin Kemp

Martin is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to '80s new romantics.

He's enjoyed a long and fruitful career in the spotlight turning his hand from music, to acting, to presenting, all blended together nicely with a dash of reality TV.

From EastEnders baddie Steve Owen to a stint on Celebrity Big Brother, Martin has remained a household name over the years thanks to his acting efforts – and helped along by his good looks and charming persona.

Most recently Martin has joined forces with his famous son Roman Kemp to appear on Celebrity Gogglebox and host their own father/son chat show Martin and Roman's Weekend Best and the spin-off Martin and Roman's Sunday Best.

Steve Norman

Saxophonist Steve may have been one of the more low-key members of the band but that hasn't stopped him from maintaining a lengthy career in music.

After moving to Ibiza in the iconic '90s era of the island of house and dance music he found his way around that scene easily.

To date, he has performed with house music legends Brandon Block, Angie Brown, and Hed Kandi to name but a few.

He's also worked alongside Bucks Fizz star Shelley Preston. As of 2021 he is currently part of a band called The Sleevz.

John Keeble

Drummer John played has kept a relatively low profile since the band split. Outside of Spandau Ballet he has managed to keep his finger in the music pie with his own rock band, I Play Rock.

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