11 Documentaries About Sex That You Need To Stream Right Now

When you’re in the mood for a documentary, the first things that come to mind are usually a true crime doc or a celebrity deep dive. But what about a documentary that could put you in the mood, if you know what I’m saying? Enter: documentaries about sex.

Okay, so full disclosure here, some of these might have the opposite effect of wanting to get it on. Quite a few expose some of the extremely unpleasant (and often downright shocking) realities of modern sex, sex work, and porn—but all of them are 100% fascinating and you won’t be able to turn them off. So the next time you want to learn a thing or two about one of society’s lesser-discussed topics, we’ve got you covered. There’s everything from an exposé on OnlyFans to a deep dive into the world of sugar babies. All you’ve gotta do is press play.

OnlyFans: Selling Sexy

If you somehow made it through the last year without hearing about OnlyFans, then what color is the rock you live under? This new doc delves into all the nitty-gritty of the internet’s new favorite place to get erotic material and explores how it’s changed sex work and porn.


Hot Girls Wanted

The world of amateur porn is pretty much exactly how’d you’d think it is and yet still totally shocking. TBH this documentary is so fascinating you’ll be talking about it for days.


Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On

After the success of Hot Girls Wanted, Netflix decided to follow it up with a miniseries that dives into how sex, porn, and technology intersect and are completely changing the way we view relationships.



The entire (Un)Well docuseries is just *chef’s kiss*. It’s got episode after episode of totally weird health trends with cult-like followings that are, you guessed it, not actually helping your health. The episode on tantric sex is particularly jaw-dropping, exposing all of the alleged abuses and cultural appropriation that goes on within the practice.


Dream Boat

Five men from different countries exploring their sexualities on a gay pleasure cruise?? If that doesn’t sound like a must-watch then I don’t know what does.


Sex, Explained

If you want something like a sex-ed class that’s actually useful AND interesting, then Sex, Explained is just the thing for you. It covers five topics (fantasies, attraction, birth control, fertility, and childbirth) while speaking to experts, celebs, and even just regular people.


Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution

Every generation’s views on sex differ from the one before, and this doc gets into how young adults in the 21st century go about things by documenting a group with some of the laxest sexual behavior—spring breakers, duh.



This docuseries from VICE answers every question you might have had about modern sex, and some you might not have even known you had. The episodes get into everything from sugar daddies to cam girls to robot sex, so it really covers it all.


Christiane Amanpour: Sex and Love Around the World

Christiane Amanpour may be known for reporting from literal war zones, but in this doc, she’s focusing on the complexities of intimacy, love, and pleasure. She traveled all around the world to speak with average people and get their views on modern love.


The Last Taboo

Navigating a sex life is hard for, well, just about most people. But The Last Taboo gets into the particular challenges faced by people with physical disabilities and what sexuality looks like for them.



After having more than 5,000 sexual partners and making more than 1,200 movies, porn star Rocco Siffredi decides he wants to leave the industry. Rocco follows his decision to retire as he reflects on everything he’s done in his career.


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