9 Highest-Rated Canceled or Ending Broadcast TV Shows of the 2020-21 Season (Photos)

Three of these final bows were preplanned

Tony Maglio

For a TV show, the only thing more important than having solid Nielsen ratings is staying on the air. One generally goes hand in hand with the other, but as we find out each spring, that’s not always the case.Scroll through the TheWrap’s gallery to see the nine highest-rated scripted TV shows of the 2020-21 season that have been canceled or came to a plotted conclusion at Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC. All ratings in this story come from Nielsen’s “most current” data, which includes a week’s worth of delayed viewing where available. Lowest-rated is first, highest-rated last, and, yes, there is one big tie for fourth place. Readers can see the complete list of all the broadcast TV shows that have been renewed, canceled and ordered here.

Series:   “For Life”           Net:    ABC            18-49 rating: 0.7OK, so the prison drama ended up serving a pretty brief sentence.  

Series:   “American Housewife”           Net:    ABC            18-49 rating: 0.7″American Housewife” seemingly tried out every night of the week, but it never found a time slot — or an audience.   

Series:   “The Unicorn”           Net:    CBS            18-49 rating: 0.7So maybe the Walton Goggins widower comedy wasn’t THAT special.  

Series:   “MacGyver”           Net:    CBS            18-49 rating: 0.7Turns out he needed more than a pack of chewing gum and a paper clip.  

Series:   “All Rise”           Net:    CBS            18-49 rating: 0.7You may sit.  

Series:   “Superstore”           Net:    NBC            18-49 rating: 0.7America Ferrera’s former sitcom wasn’t even supposed to make it to THIS season. But then COVID brought it — and Amy, briefly — back.  

Series:   “Prodigal Son”           Net:    Fox              18-49 rating: 0.8″Prodigal Son” may never return to its parent network Fox — but it could find a new home elsewhere.

Series:   “Last Man Standing”           Net:    Fox            18-49 rating: 0.8No one’s here to save you now, Mike Baxter, formerly of ABC.  

Series:   “Mom”           Net:    CBS            18-49 rating: 0.9Once Anna Faris left the family, this divorce from the airwaves was pretty much finalized.  
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