A Place in the Sun: Laura Hamilton left dejected as ‘angry’ house hunter cuts search short

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Angie and Neelesh had decided it was the perfect time to find their dream holiday home in Spain after meeting three decades ago and with retirement on their minds. To do so, they enlisted the help of A Place in the Sun’s Laura Hamilton, although the Channel 4 guests were slightly torn on whether they wanted to find a house or an apartment to accommodate themselves and the rest of their family. However, that dilemma was soon put to bed when Laura’s first option, a house, was quickly dismissed.

Laura’s first property on show fell well within the pair’s budget of £260,000 to play with.

The Frontline Townhouse came equipped with four bedrooms, a sea view, a roof terrace and was priced at £227,273.

However, Angie and Neelesh made their apprehension clear from the get-go, with the latter citing most of his concerns was because of a busy adjacent road.

And Laura was quick to notice the two’s reluctance, even commenting she was slightly nervous as Neelesh looked “angry” at the option.

“You look really angry with me,” Laura said as she tried to highlight the house’s benefits.

But Neelesh did his best to assure the Channel 4 expert he was just slightly annoyed by the nearby highway.

And when the trio got inside, Neelesh’s pessimism didn’t change, despite the modern interior.

“There’s something not quite right yet,” he commented. “I don’t know about the split level access yet – I’ve seen a few accidents.”

Laura took one final go at selling the house to the two and took them to the rooftop patio, but it was to no avail.

Despite Neelesh saying he couldn’t complain about the views, the two still decided to end the look around property number one there.

Angie thanked Laura for showing the townhouse but decided she only wanted to see apartments from there on in.

Laura said: “Do you want to look around the rest of the property or do you want to say, ‘Laura, we want to see an apartment’?”

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The couple agreed to cut the viewing there and Laura hoped her remaining four properties would be enough to win them over.

And Laura wasn’t the only one who acknowledged she had a tricky search on her hands.

A number of A Place in the Sun viewers took to social media to voice their opinions on Angie and Neelesh’s demands.

“This bloke has a lot going on ‘in his head’ to the point he likes nothing #Aplaceinthesun,” vented one fan on Twitter.

A second echoed: “That terrace is huge, what more do they want?#aplaceinthesun.”

While a third weighed in: “Helping Angie and Neelesh, waste your time you mean. [laugh emoji] #aplaceinthesun.”


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