Alastair Campbell ‘texted Queen to say sorry for announcing her death on TV’

Mortified Alastair Campbell claims he sent a grovelling text message apology after accidentally announcing the death of the Queen.

He then revealed Piers Morgan hammered him after the Good Morning Britain's guest host made an awkward live TV blunder last week.

The on-air gaffe on Wednesday's show didn't go unnoticed by viewers but he and co-host Susanna Reid didn't clock his howler.

He later corrected himself and says telly bosses were in a flap making sure he set the record straight.

While interviewing Vinnie Jones, Alastair, 63, said: "We’ve been talking a lot about Prince Philip after the death of the Queen. "

He continued: "One of the phrases that kept being used was something she said after 911, the statement that we had to take to New York.

"Grief is the price we pay for love,’ and that’s what comes out of your book in every single page.

"Bits of it, especially considering it's you, moves you to tears."

Later, he came clean after the realisation dawned.

"Can I just say something, I think I may have accidentally announced the death of the Queen," he said. "I meant Prince Philip of course!"

Susanna reassured him: "I think people understood exactly what you meant!"

Now Alastair has spoken to MyLondon about what happened next.

"I didn't realise immediately that I had done it – I only heard it through my ear piece," Alastair explained.

"I was talking to Vinnie Jones about grief and so I said 'well of course there's been a lot of reflection on grief since the recent death of the Queen' and then I carried on.

"And then so into my earpiece goes: 'Alastair, Alastair, you just announced the death of the Queen. You need to correct that, correct it."

After the show ended, Alastair quickly contacted "the Queen's people" to ask them to pass on his apologies for saying she was dead on live TV, he told MyLondon.

After his text to the Queen's 'people' apologising, Alastair also received a text from the man whose seat he jumped into.

He added: "Piers [Morgan] sent me a message yesterday saying 'I've not stopped laughing about you killing the Queen".

GMB airs on weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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