Amber needs to get back with Michael – then STEAL the £50k prize in the final say Love Island fans

LOVE Island fans are saying that Amber Gill needs to get back with Michael Griffiths – then steal the 50K prize in the final.

The 27-year-old firefighter confesses that he still has feelings for the Geordie beauty, 21, in tonight's episode.

And fans are going crazy about the potential reunion, with some begging Amber to take revenge on him at the final hurdle.

One discussed: "New plan Amber gets back with Michael – but says to the diary camera thing: ‘Hey guys I know us and us worth. Vote for me and I’ll take the £50k and not share’ And then sweet sweet revenge will be served and the final will be less bloody boring #LoveIsland"

Another commented: "Part of me wants Amber and Michael to couple back together so that we can see the look on michael’s dumb face when she takes the 50k for herself. Justice will be served! #loveisland"

A third said: "I think Amber should take Michael back and we all vote for them to win only for Amber to take all 50k and not split it with him. That'll be a first #LoveIsland"



A fourth simply wrote: "Petition for Amber to take Michael back, win, then steal the £50k #LoveIsland"

And a fifth fan joked: "YASSS AMBER HUN!!!! Couple back up w Michael, steal the £50k & call him a ‘childish dead ting’ #LoveIsland"

However, another fan has a theory that it will be Michael that does the stealing, saying: "The only way I’ll accept amber getting back with Michael is if she steals the 50k but I seriously think he will steal the 50k for himself #loveisiand2019 #LoveIsland"

Amber and Michael coupled up during the first few weeks of the series, however their romance was cut short when the beautician headed to Casa Amor to meet six new boys and left him to get to know six new girls.

While Amber returned single, Michael opted to recouple with Joanna Chimonides, 22.

Despite being knocked back, the Geordie remained hung up on her ex, trying to tell him her feelings several times over the past few weeks.

On Sunday’s show, hours before Joanna was booted out from the island, Amber admitted she was still into Michael – but he knocked her back again.

And in a dramatic U-turn, Michael pulls Amber for a chat tonight to tell her how he feels after her date with Greg O'Shea made him envious.

Sitting in the garden, Michael says: "I'm not being like 'oh blah, blah, blah, this that and the other', I'm not doing that. I'm basically just letting you know that yeah I do still like you."

Looking confused as she sits opposite him, Amber replies: "I don't get it then, if you liked me the whole time, why did you do that?"

With his head bowed, viewers will have to wait until tonight to see what kind of answer Michael comes up with.

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