American Apocalypse survivor believed she was ‘sleeping with God’

Waco: American Apocalypse: Official trailer on Netflix

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The three-part series features testimony from agents at the scene as well as David Koresh’s former followers who managed to survive the gruelling siege on the cult’s Mount Carmel headquarters in Waco, Texas. Member Kathy Schroeder has emerged as one of the Netflix documentaries’ most fascinating subjects as she recalls her experience living with the self-proclaimed second coming of Christ.

Schroeder claimed she slept with Koresh to be closer to God during her time living at Mount Carmel.

An offshoot of the Davidian Seventh-day Adventists, Koresh preached apocalyptic teachings from the Bible and prepared his followers for war by stockpiling weapons.

After taking over the cult in 1987, members alleged he banned them from having sex with their wives and accused him of child sexual abuse.

The alleged abuse and stockpile of illegal weapons led to a raid by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) in February, 1993, which has been documented in never-before-seen footage in Netflix’s new series.

Recalling her time before the raid, Schroeder said: “I remember the Bible studies went all night long.

“And women would stay up in the hopes they would be the one he’d take to bed with him.”

Schroeder revealed she was among the women who tried to get closer to Koresh after moving to Waco with her three children from a previous marriage and her new husband, Michael.

“I have to admit I would stay up late,” she continued. “And go to these Bible studies.”

“And I hoped that he would pick me because I wanted my own personal experience.

“Finally, David decided to take me to his room. The room was special. The bed took up four-fifths of the room. That’s all it was.

“And, oh my gosh, I’m going to be, for the first time, with God alone. Through David.

“I remember him picking me up, scooping me up with his hand behind my back and moving me around on the bed.”

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“The whole time we were having sex, it was a bible study. He did it for me.”

Schroeder began to tear up as she continued: “Not for himself. He did it to give me that one little bit of tenderness with my God.”

Like other former Davidians who appear in the series, Schroeder is conflicted about her time in the cult, and it’s not confirmed whether or not they fully believed Koresh’s teachings.

The series’ director Tiller Russell maintained he didn’t want to “speak for anybody else”, but said the Davidians are “conflicted about how they stand all these years later with regards to David Koresh and his theology.”

“They gave up their entire lives to move to this compound and a cow field in Texas,” he told Distractify.

“And put them in the hands of this guy and then cut to, you know, they’re literally surrounded by Abrams tanks pointing at them.

“The cognitive dissonance to that, as lived from the inside is so intense and so profound, that I think they too are still kind of finding out exactly what they think and feel and believe.”

The ATF’s first raid led to the deaths of six Davidians and four agents, before the final assault took the lives of 76 more members, including Koresh, when the compound went up in flames.

Waco: American Apocalypse is available to stream on Netflix.

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