Angela Black uncovers truth behind Yuki’s death as Ed confesses to murder?

Angela Black: Joanne Froggatt stars in trailer for new drama

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Angela Black has been keeping viewers on the edge of their seats over the past few weeks with mysteries spiralling. The series follows the journey of Angela (played by Joanne Froggatt) as she attempts to escape her abusive husband Olivier Black (Michiel Huisman). ITV viewers have watched a mysterious character named Ed Harrison (Samuel Adewunmi) enter Angela’s life, but many are growing suspicious of him with some believing he has a dark secret. Could Ed be Yuki’s real killer?

In a recent interview with and other press, Samuel Adewunmi opened up about his character Ed.

He chatted about the relationship between Ed and Angela and how cautious she is of him.

He explained: “I think we see the whole show through Angela’s perspective and from what I remember she seems very, sort of, cautious and wary and doesn’t necessarily trust him straight away and why would you?

“You know a stranger turns up to your house in the middle of the night, he’s been following you all day, and tells you your husband is this person that you don’t know.

“You’ve known your husband for however many years and now this randomer is trying to tell you ‘Actually this is who your husband is’.

“I doubt audiences will trust him, but I think for sure there is an element of trust that needs to be sort of assumed for Angela.

“You know, especially with her being in such a sort of desperate situation in her personal life,” he said.

Samuel continued: “I think maybe even if they don’t necessarily trust him, I think he sort of acts as a sort of little slither of hope for her to escape the sort of torment that she’s been going through with Olivier.

“So, I doubt people will trust him straight away because I didn’t trust him straight away when I was reading the scripts.

“We’ll see how that changes I guess throughout the journey of the show,” he added.

As Samuel has claimed he didn’t trust Ed when he first read the scripts, could this be a sign he’s got a dark secret?

Fans are currently keen to get answers surrounding a character called Yuki, a woman from Olivier’s office who went missing.

In a previous episode of the thriller, Ed said Olivier had Yuki killed, as a means of covering up their extramarital affair.

He took Angela to a wooded area in the middle of nowhere, where he claimed Yuki had been buried.

Ed told Angela he’d helped bury Yuki’s body, showing her a graphic but blurred photo of a body in that same spot, claiming Olivier had sent it as a way of demonstrating how serious he was about having Angela killed.

But, is Ed telling the truth? Or could he be the real murderer?

Fans of the drama series have been highly suspicious of Ed, with many taking to Twitter to share theories about him.

Some viewers believe Ed is Yuki’s husband and her real killer. Could he be trying to frame Olivier for the murder?

“Ed is the husband of Yuki Okubo who Oliver had an affair with. Ed, not Oliver, killed her when he discovered the affair. He contacted Oliver & convinced him that Angela is planning to divorce him. Ed is manipulating Angela to kill Oliver in revenge for the affair #AngelaBlack,” @BlondeMzungu theorised.

@DebbieBlackma14 wrote: “I think Ed may be the husband / partner of Yuki and he is after revenge on either Angela herself or Olivier #AngelaBlack.”

“One moment thought that the missing girl at the office might be Eds partner or girlfriend? Maybe Ed killed her?? #AngelaBlack,” @indikarama suggested.

Things took a turn in the latest episode when Angela was arrested after being found at the family home with Olivier’s gun in her hands.

A team of police officers interviewed Angela and informed her Ed doesn’t exist, revealing they believe Angela has had a breakdown.

Could Ed have successfully covered his tracks and disappeared as a result of Angela’s arrest?

If he was planning to frame Olivier for the murder of Yuki, he may have to return and confess the truth to Angela.

But, if Angela manages to get released, she could soon team up with Ed to frame Olivier for the killing. Will they take down her abusive husband together?

Angela Black continues Sunday at 9pm on ITV.

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