Antiques Roadshow expert lost for words as guest reveals why they'll NEVER sell model – despite huge valuation

AN ANTIQUES Roadshow expert was lost for words after a guest revealed why they'll NEVER sell a model – despite getting a huge valuation.

Sunday's edition of the BBC show saw expert John Foster meet a guest who brought in a rare Donald Campbell Bluebird model.

John said: "To those of us of a certain generation, instantly recognisable. Donald Campbell’s Bluebird land speed records. Are you just a huge fan, like me?”

The guest explained how the model was part of his family history, which had made it more interesting to him.

John asked for him to elaborate, and the man said: "My grandfather took over lead constructor with a company in Coventry that went on to the land speed record in 1964."

John asked if the model came from the same factory where his grandfather worked and the guest said he believed it did."

He added: "I think it was either made for design presentation or for even aerodynamics for a wind tunnel perhaps.”

John said: "What part of the element of the story that I find amazing on this, is they broke the land speed record at Lake Eyre in 1964.

"They achieved I think it was 403mph. They were all disappointed when they achieved that because this was capable of 500mph or just under 500mph.

“There was bad weather, there were all sorts of issues going on. So, to be disappointed only to get 400mph…”

The expert then turned his attention to the valuation, telling the guest: "An auction estimate, it’s tricky but somewhere between sort of £5,000 and £8,000.”

But the guest immediately said he would be keeping it, saying: "Wow, not in the habit of selling, but yeah, great thank you.”

Antiques Roadshow airs on Sundays on BBC One.

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