Antiques Roadshow fans open-mouthed as Ryan Reynolds 'makes show debut' with item from Red Notice

ANTIQUES Roadshow fans were left open-mouthed as Hollywood superstar Ryan Reynolds tried to flog an item from Red Notice.

Ryan appeared on the US version of The Antiques Roadshow to sell the Cleopatra egg prop from the new Netflix film. 

He posted the skit on his Instagram profile yesterday afternoon to promote the action-comedy feature.

Ryan wrote in the caption: "The Red Notice scene I wish I'd shot."

And his 39.8m followers were loving the scene, too, with one labelling it as "the funniest thing" they had ever seen.

Another commented: "You are something else, a laugh a minute!"

While someone else penned: "I'd watch the s*** out of a weekly show just about this!"

This new promotional video opens with Ryan sitting opposite Antiques Roadshow host Lark Mason on either side of a table.

Mason asks Ryan to tell him about the golden egg in front of them.

Lark assumes Ryan received the egg the way most guests on the show acquire their items – through a relative.

He asks: "And what's its family history?"

Ryan says: "Well, no. This is not a family heirloom – my family disowned me years ago. They don't like me.

"But this is more of an heirloom that my good friend at the museum lent me."

Ryan then hesitates before blurting out that his friend is, in fact, unaware that he lent the golden egg to him. 

Lark continues by saying the egg is one of three eggs commissioned by Egyptian queen Cleopatra at the end of her life in 30 B.C..

Two eggs were held in public collections and one went missing during WWII.

Lark says: "German soldiers had taken it to a secure hideaway. And there it remained up until recently."

Lark then puts an end to Ryan's anxiety by confirming its ludicrous value of over $100m.

On the topic of eye-watering sums of money,Red Notice reportedly had a budget of £145m and is thought to be Netflix's most expensive movie ever.   

Reynolds stars alongside Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot in the film and, according to Rotten Tomatoes, only 43 per cent of critics have given it a positive review.

Red Notice is available to stream on Netflix now.

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