Awesome News for Fans of 'Élite': Season 5 Is Already On Its Way

Season 4 of Élite literally just hit Netflix, and already I’m in need of more episodes because let’s be honest, this show about students at a fancy prep school in Spain is way juicier than you’d expect. (Truly the perfect mix of Riverdale meets Gossip Girl, don’t you think?) Needless to say, I’m knee-deep into season 4’s heart-gripping mystery. But now that new episodes are on Netflix, you might be wondering exactly when season 5 is expected to make its debut.

Thankfully, we have the scoop on what you can expect for Élite season 5, which, FWIW, is already confirmed. Onward!

First things first: Is season 5 officially a go?

For those waiting on the edge of your seats, let me tell you one word: Yes! Élite is not only expected to make a grand return for its fifth season, but it was also renewed before season 4 even aired. Back in February 2021, the cast took to the show’s official social media accounts for the surprise announcement:

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