'Bachelorette' Star Jed Wyatt Pleads with Fans to Leave His Family Alone Amid Cheating Claims

Meanwhile, hometown visits culminate in a franchise first leading into fantasy suites next week and even more frustration for Jed: “What the f–k is going on?”

"Bachelorette" contestant Jed Wyatt had a rough day on Monday … twice! One took place weeks ago when the hometown visits were filmed — but aired Monday night — while the other is happening here and now as he and his family are facing the fallout of cheating allegations.

Viewers got to meet Jed’s family as Hannah Brown got to enjoy four hometown visits. And while fans were totally expecting Luke Parker’s hometown visit to come last (and maybe give us that already-famous "f–ked in a windmill" moment), it was Jed’s family that was saved for last.

That’s not to say Luke’s hometown visit wasn’t bizarrely awkward, but primarily because his family and church friends all talked about him like he is an absolute saint when Hannah, the other contestants and viewers at home know that is absolutely not the truth.

Unfortunately, producers faked us out, though, and Hannah won’t be laying into him until next week when we finally get to the fantasy suites. Yes, Luke survived again, and we’ll definitely get to that in a minute!

Jed’s family, conversely, seemed to spend Hannah’s entire visit trying to convince her that she and Jed should definitely not get together or get engaged or do anything because, you know, the music!

When Hannah asked Jed’s mom if he was ready to get engaged, she said a whole lot and didn’t say much of anything at all. "I wouldn’t have felt that way before, just because he’s a musician," she told Hannah.

"You don’t get a diploma to be a musician. I mean, Jed’s had to have jobs and try to create time and space to do his music. It’s his heart and it’s his soul, so he couldn’t go to work full time and do music, you know. So his path is different. It’s very different."

When Jed spoke with her, mom told him, "What I see I love," but she also told him "it doesn’t all feel very realistic to me, but you know you’re the one living it."

Jed’s sister was far more direct with Hannah, telling her, "I’m very protective over Jed, and making music makes him so happy and honestly like, him potentially falling in love with you, I’m not sure that it’s a good thing."

But many fans aren’t so sure the family is so passionate about Jed’s music. And it’s those same fans that Jed reached out to in a lengthy post on Instagram, pleading with them to be nicer and stop attacking him and his family over those cheating allegations from his ex-girlfriend Haley Stevens.

According to Jed, his family has received threatening letters and phone calls from impassioned "Bachelorette" fans who are disgusted and angered every time they see him on-screen with Hannah, believing him to be cheating on Haley and thus disingenuous in his intentions and feeling. He even said his parents and sister are being verbally harassed in public.

Hi y’all. Several of you have reached out with messages and questions. Please know I’m not able to answer right now, but as soon as I’m able to, I will. •Until then, I ask that you please understand how much the actions being taken towards myself, my family, the men on the show, and above all, Hannah, are affecting all of our mental and physical health. •It goes beyond what is said online. Threatening letters and phone calls have been sent to our homes. My parents and sister are being verbally attacked in public. I beg you to remember what seems like a harmless action is damaging to real people. •I want to thank all of you who have reached out or reserved judgement until I am able to speak openly and I can only ask for your patience and kindness until then.

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As for the claims themselves, Jed says, "I’m not able to answer right now, but as soon as I’m able to, I will." He’s locked into a pretty strict contract right now that limits what he can comment on, and clearly this falls under the area of things he can’t talk about, leaving him nothing left to do but be upfront and asks fans to please stop harassing his family and Hannah and himself over this.

This means that Haley’s claims get to remain unanswered at this time, which is never good for the accused. Alas, Jed’s hands are contractually tied and so it is what it is. Haley says she and Jed never broke up before he went on the show, and had recently declared their love for one another.

She even claimed that he left her a letter the night before he left telling her, "You know where my heart will be," suggesting that he had no intention of falling in love on the show. Perhaps, as with many other contestants, Haley is suggesting that Jed just went on the show for self-promotion as an aspiring country musician.

At some point, Jed will give his side of the story, and that point should come relatively soon as the show is winding down. But Jed’s not out yet, even if he’s not as thrilled to be sticking around as you might think.

That’s because it came down to Jed and Luke P for the final rose of the night and Hannah was having a really hard time making a decision. Finally, she didn’t.

After giving roses to Peter and Tyler and a long, dramatic reality show pause, Hannah told Luke and Jed, "I can’t give out a final rose. I want to continue on with all of you." It marked the first time for either "Bachelor" series that no one has been eliminated at this stage.

For Jed, the problem is that after awarding Peter and Tyler, Hannah seemed torn between him and Luke. So he sees her choosing both of them as a statement of equivalency between them, and that’s not something that sits well with him.

"What the f–k is going on?" Jed said in a closing confessional. "I got a rose, but to be honest it doesn’t feel like I got a rose at all. It feels like it was really hard for her make a decision between me and someone who was a complete scumbag through this whole process."

He went on to add, "To be in the same category, or even close to the same category as him, is an insult. He’s been a constant toxin through every bit of this."

Luke has, after all, been effectively the "villain" of the season, displaying abhorrent behavior, aggression, sexist and controlling language and lots and lots of lying and disparaging his fellow contestants.

Many fans are hopeful that footage from next week’s episode, where Hannah finally lays into Luke for his awful behavior and his attempts to "control" what she does with her body like he owns her or something, show her finally giving him the boot. If it doesn’t happen, they may just riot … and forget how mad they are at Jed for a moment.

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