BBC viewers left confused by brilliant first episode of Baptiste What is going on?

BBC releases trailer for new series of 'Baptiste'

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The character has been popular with viewers since he first appeared in original series The Missing, which launched two seasons before the detective got his own, BBC spin-off programme. The first episode kicked off with another mystery, as British Ambassador Emma Chambers (played by Fiona Shaw) is left baffled after her family disappears whilst on holiday in the Hungarian mountains. Despite a gripping opening instalment, lots of viewers were left “confused” by the two timelines in the story.

In one timeline, the events in Hungary are just unfolding, and a grieving Baptiste is looking for a case to solve as a means of escaping his own problems.

In the future timeline, an unkempt Baptiste is sporting a huge beard, drinking heavily and hiding away, while Emma is in a wheelchair having been left unable to walk.

The body of Emma’s husband is found by Baptiste in the episode, but viewers are left not yet knowing what happened to Emma’s teenage sons.

The heartbroken ambassador finds footage on her husband’s phone of her sons being taken away as they plead an anonymous man to “stop.”

One took to Twitter to say: “Jumping 14 months regularly. This is going to confuse me #Baptiste.”

Another wrote: “I was sure Julien was no longer married to the mother of his daughter, but had a second wife? So confused #Baptiste.”

“I’m a tad confused!! #Baptiste,” a third penned, as someone else asked: “What is going on? #Baptiste.”

Someone else said: “Is castaway #Baptiste past or future Baptiste? I’m lost!”

“I’m lost #Baptiste,” a different viewer commented.

But despite the complex story, viewers praised the opening episode of series two.

One said: “With the combination of @tchekykaryo and Fiona Shaw you know this is going to be good. I’d watch both of them reading the ingredients on the back of a box of cereal for two hours. Such fine acting from both #Baptiste.”

The series promises to be a good one, with Baptiste immersing himself into Emma’s world.

However, when the case turns into something far more brutal and desperate, Julien must navigate a Hungarian police force he doesn’t trust and unrelenting media who are hungry for information on such a high-profile international case.

The episode showed Baptiste being threatened by an unknown man who told him to stop digging into the case.

The concluding scene saw Emma tracking Baptiste down, telling him: “A lot has changed since I last saw you – but I haven’t.

“I feel as if I never left the moment that Alex died, and I watched my son… I feel frozen in that moment in time.

“I’ve allowed it to define me, I suppose I’ve become a fossil, I relive it every day, you, me and those demons in the daylight.

“After I got used to this thing, I didn’t really have anything not, really I had no job, no point, so every week I went to visit Alex’s grave, every Monday morning.

“So one morning I went there, and there were fresh flowers left there, not flowers that I’d left, so I went back day after day until finally, I discovered who the flowers were from – it’s him.”

She then showed Baptiste a photo and showed him what she was hiding in the boot of her car – a man trapped in a cage, as she said: “This is how you’re going to help me find my son.”

Baptiste airs on Sundays at 9pm and is avalable to watch in full on BBC iPlayer.

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