'Below Deck Med:' What Was the Most Asked Question Last Season?

From yachting terms to casting questions, Below Deck Mediterranean fans are a curious bunch.

Captain Sandy Yawn and Captain Lee Rosbach do a great job addressing as many fan questions on Twitter as possible. When trouble started brewing in the kitchen on Below Deck Med, Yawn was flooded with questions about the chef.

Fans couldn’t understand how Chef Mila Kolomeitseva was hired. Plus fans were begging to know how it was going to end. While Yawn wasn’t giving away any spoilers she answered just about every question–again and again. Even though chef questions dominate this season (so far), Yawn recently addressed the most asked question from last season. And it has nothing to do with yachting.

What are those gold and black ‘things’ on the wall?

Sure, last season of Below Deck Med was riddled with drama. But fans really wanted to know what were those gold and black knobby looking things hanging on the wall in the galley kitchen. Even recently, a Twitter fan posted a picture and asked what they were.

Both Rosbach and Yawn addressed the question. “Captain Lee answered this recently. It is coffee,” a Twitter user remarked. But not just any coffee, Nespresso coffee. In fact, another Twitter fan posted a similar picture asking the same question. Fans were happy to finally find out what in the world were those odd little knobs. “That has been driving me nuts!! Whew!!” one person responded.

Yawn added to her thread, “most asked Q last year! @NespressoUSA pods.” Even Nespresso responded by adding, “Safe travels, Captain Sandy.”

But these are the main questions this year (so far)

Fans were flummoxed with how Kolomeitseva managed to even get on the show. Plus they continuously accused Yawn and producers of hiring her just to stir up drama. Yawn addressed this question and more on several occasions.

Yawn tweeted in response to one fan. “#ICYMI I DO NOT hire the crew for show. AGAIN, Mila is NOT a staged prop.” Rosback too backed up Yawn. He tweeted in response to whether guests were comped. “No, @CaptSandyYawn doesn’t get to hire, she can fire and Malia [Mila] was not a plant. And no Sandy’s friends were not comped at all. No one gets comped on the charters. They have to have some skin in the game. Hope that covers it for you.”

Fans also wondered why Yawn didn’t just quickly pluck another chef out to easily replace Kolomeitseva.  “It’s not easy to find replacement crew in a busy charter season,” she wrote in response to a question about hiring the crew. “Add to the fact that they also need to be screened & pass security clearances for filming can make it more difficult. You can’t just pull anyone off the dock to work on a yacht & film.”

A recent question Yawn received came after she fired Kolomeitseva. Yawn tweeted about understanding what it feels like to be let go. However, fans got the impression that she was fired by Below Deck Med. She responded to just about every worried fan and assured them she wasn’t fired by Below Deck Med. But was merely relating past experience to what Kolomeitseva experienced. “Oh boy! Hope everyone has caught up to the tweets abt my PAST experience w being let go & how it prepared me for being a better human & Capt,” she tweeted.

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