Benidorm star completely unrecognisable 11 years on and is loved up with co-star

Benidorm star Adam Gillen looks completely unrecognisable from his ITV1 character 11 years since joining the show.

Adam portrayed the role of Liam Conroy in the hit sitcom, who happened to be the son of Les Conroy, who was portrayed by Tim Healy.

The character of Liam ended up getting a job at the iconic Solana resort as part of the workforce as a maintenance worker.

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In the series five finale he left the Solana to pursue a career with Kenneth Du Beke in the Blow 'n' Go Salon.

Continuing on at the salon into the next series and until series 10, Adam's role of Liam is a prominent part of the show throughout.

But now, 11 years on from first starring in the hit TV show, Adam who portrayed Liam looks very very different.

The 37-year-old actor has around 20,000 followers on Instagram, and if you didn't know who he was, you'd definitely like his photos without even realising you probably watched and loved him in the iconic programme.

Worlds away from his beloved Benidorm character, Adam now sports a beard, facial hair and can be seen in most snaps wearing on-trend ensembles.

Usually wearing a cap and sporting much lighter hair and facial hair, Adam looks truly unrecognisable.

In the ITV1 series Adam's character had ginger-hued strawberry blonde hair, and now it is much fairer than ever before.

With a more chiselled jawline and toned physique, Adam looks very distinguished and mature these days.

Adam has remained in contact with and is understood to have been in a relationship with Laila Zaidi for a couple of years.

Laila portrayed Cyd in the series, and fans are completely over the moon that Liam and Cyd are a real-life couple away from the programme.

In a sweet snap of the pair from May 2021, one fan penned: "THEY ARE A REAL LIFE COUPLE."

While another said: "Love you pair."

And on a different snap another comment read: "When I found out 'Liam' was seeing 'Cyd' – oh my days I went off it."


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