'Better Call Saul': A Bob Odenkirk Interview Has Fans Predicting Prison for Saul Goodman

As Better Call Saul nears the finish line, fans are on the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens to Saul Goodman. Thanks to Breaking Bad, we already know that he’ll flee New Mexico for Nebraska, where he’ll become Cinnabon manager Gene Takovic. What comes after remains a mystery, but some are predicting prison time for the “criminal” lawyer.

The prediction about Saul Goodman’s fate emerged after an interview with ‘Better Call Saul’ star Bob Odenkirk

The prediction emerged after an interview Odenkirk did with The New York Times, in which he discussed a scene that seemingly has not yet aired. The exact episode is unclear, but many believe it is the penultimate episode of Better Call Saul based on a few “clues.” This includes the fact that it was directed by series co-creator Vince Gilligan, who fans say is “directing episodes 8 and 12.”

The Times writes that in the scene, the camera shows Odenkirk having a drink while standing on a balcony above a living room — “and, a beat later, [reveals] a jarring sight on the floor below.”

“Lagging behind the camera, Odenkirk casually peered over the balcony’s edge and, spotting the thing in question, reacted with a jolt, his boozy contentedness giving way, abruptly, to a silent-comedy pantomime of terror,” wrote writer Jonah Weiner.

Fans shared their predictions about the scene online

Although the interview skims on additional details, that didn’t stop fans from speculating on what happens in the scene. Many predicted that it would happen in the Breaking Bad timeline when Saul is on the run.

“Earlier in the interview it mentions fake snow. This is 100% a Gene scene and almost certainly in episode 12,” one fan wrote on Reddit.

“That’s a good point,” read a reply. “We do see the layout in Gene’s home in season 1 and it seems to match up with the house description in the article.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised to get a Gene scene in the opener either,” said another. “The objects are interesting, and the way the scene is described seems like Gene/Saul/Jimmy might be drunk or indisposed. I’m dying to know!”

Some viewers thought he’d be interrupted by police officers coming to arrest him.

“I’m assuming this is in the Gene timeline directly after the last gene scene,” one comment read in part. “He knows the taxi driver recognised him and there is a 5million dollar reward for finding him. So he is grabbing all his valuables such as the diamonds we saw previously and the watches. Gene is really scared when he peers over the balcony because it’s the police,” the writer continued, earning several upvotes.

Others, however, had different predictions

On the other hand, some thought the scene would come in episode 8, after Howard Hamlin’s death.

“Maybe Jimmy breaks into Howard’s house because they need plant evidence that explains why Howard is dead in their apartment that doesn’t lead back to them and Lalo,” a different fan wondered. “Maybe drugs… a note… something to suggest he had a gun.”

“I could see this happening, since Howard’s home might be the most likely place they would stage a suicide if they went that route,” said another.

Someone else agreed that Saul and Mike Ehrmantraut would “move Howard’s body to Howard’s house and stage it as a suicide for the wife to find.” But in the same breath, they added: “I’m probably wrong.”

We’ll see what happens for certain when the show returns in July. In the meantime, watch earlier episodes of Better Call Saul now on AMC+ and Netflix.

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