Bridgerton Corsets May Be Banned From Show Due to Health and Safety Concerns

According to reports, the hit Netflix show’s production team has banned wearing corset after complaints of bruising and even respiratory problems from several actresses.

AceShowbiz -Fans may not be able to see more corsets in upcoming “Bridgerton” seasons. If a new report is to be believed, body corsets will be banned from the show due to health and safety concerns.

“Bridgerton” producers reportedly recently informed the cast that they would no longer be required to wear corsets. A source close to the series production told The Sun, “The corset is famously restrictive, and many actresses have complained to wardrobe departments about damage, both short-term and long, being done after a long 12 to 14 hour day wearing them on set.”

The insider added, “Essentially, there were health and safety concerns about keeping women in a pinching corset for weeks at a time.” It’s also said that “many stars have reported bruising and even breathing problems.”

“In today’s increasingly woke world, it’s also not great optics to be encouraging women to have thinner waists. It may well have been reflective of the time, but broadcasters and streamers want to be seen as progressive,” the so-called insider added. The informant also said this marked a “big moment in the history of the period drama.”

Prior to this, Simone Ashley, who portrayed Kate Sharma in season 2, spoke up about how much the corsets were a nuisance to her and that she hated wearing them. “Corsets push everything down to the bottom of your stomach. That means when you take them off, you’ve got a little bump. I hated wearing those corsets filming Bridgerton,” she told The Sunday Times.

The corsets began to cause Ashley so much discomfort that she hurt herself. “I had a lot of pain with the corset,” she explained. “I think I tore my shoulder at one point! I realized when you wear the corset, you just don’t eat. It changes your body. I had a smaller waist very momentarily. Then the minute you stop wearing it, you’re just back to how your body is.”

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