Camille Grammer Defends $30M Divorce Settlement After Denise Richards Explains Why She Didn't Take Half from Charlie Sheen

As she anticipated, Camillle Grammer was “on the hot seat” during part one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 9 reunion.

During Tuesday night’s episode, Camille, 50, joined the stars of the Bravo reality series — Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Dorit Kemsley, Erika Girardi, Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave and Denise Richards — along with host Andy Cohen to discuss the past season. (As previously reported, Lisa Vanderpump skipped the reunion.)

Among the topics that were discussed was Camille’s decision to keep her last name following her divorce from ex-husband Kelsey Grammer — and her defense of her multi-million divorce settlement with the Frasier star.

Before making her entrance on the reunion couch, Camille said while getting her hair done, “What’s up next is me when they go after me. This is not going to be fun. I’m on the hot seat next,” and stated while walking down the hallway, “walking into the lion’s den with these ladies.”

As she joined the ladies on set, Cohen, 51, congratulated her on her recent nuptials to husband David C. Meyer before bringing up her 2011 divorce from Kelsey, with whom she shares daughter Mason, 17, and son Jude, 14.

“A little bit earlier, I was talking to Denise about her philosophy about raising kids with [an] ex-husband who’s always in the news,” said Cohen, who referenced Denise’s ex Charlie Sheen, with whom she shares daughters Lola, 14, and Sam, 15. (They divorced in 2006.)

Complimenting Denise, 48, Camille said, “My mom says, ‘Watch Denise in her interviews. She always makes it about the kids.’ And my mom’s like, ‘That’s the classy way to do it.’ “

It’s been more than eight years since Camille and Kelsey’s divorce was finalized in February 2011. In June 2017, Camille, who received $30 million after ending their 13-year marriage, said in a segment on the season 2 finale of Andy Cohen’s Then & Now: “Thank God I didn’t have a prenup. Thank you Kelsey. I guess you loved me at one point.”

She added at the time, “If I get married again, I will absolutely insist on a prenup.” And in October of that year, Camille was awarded 50 percent of Kelsey’s 401K account from the time of their marriage in 1997 to their separation in 2010, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE.

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Though Camille has been divorced from Kelsey for eight years, she defended her decision to keep the actor’s last name during the reunion.

When Cohen then read a question from a viewer that asked, “What is the real reason you won’t give up Grammer?” Camille said that “the primary reason is for my kids. That’s it.”

At that, Denise interjected, “I couldn’t wait to get rid of mine. Sorry.”

Camille then explained that she “took Grammer off my social media,” but that it’s still on her passport.

And although she’s now remarried, Camille said that Meyer doesn’t seem to mind. “David is all for it. He said, ‘Both of your kids’ last name is Grammer. I understand that.’ He has no problem,” said Camille.

Earlier in the season, Denise revealed that she and Sheen did not have a prenuptial agreement during their marriage. “Charlie and I didn’t have a prenup when we got married and when we got divorced, I could have asked for half of what he made,” Denise said in a flashback clip. “And I did not, because I ain’t a greedy f—— whore.”

When Cohen asked what Camille thought of Denise and Sheen — who Denise said were married for “just under five” years — not having a prenup, she explained about her past marriage with Kelsey: “Well, I was married for 13 years. That’s a long time.”

Cohen then questioned Camille about whether she believed Denise “should have asked for half.”

“I don’t know,” said Camille as Cohen said that Two and a Half Men star Sheen “came up when [Denise] was with him.”

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According to Denise, “Charlie was almost bankrupt before we got married.”

“Got it,” said Camille, who added that she didn’t “know much about it. I’m sorry I didn’t follow you that much. I can only speak about myself.”

With a laugh, Denise responded, “You don’t have to. It’s fine.”

“It’s okay, whatever,” Camille continued with the wave of a hand, which appeared to take Denise off guard. “Okay,” she replied.

“I just felt that, you know, working — and I worked hard,” Camille continued. “I just didn’t sit back, buying fancy clothes and shoving bonbons in my face. I mean, I worked hard.”

The shocking statement appeared to take the rest of the women by surprise as Kemsley pivoted to Denise and asked, “Do you like bonbons?”

“I’ve never had one,” Denise said with a laugh.

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Then, the ladies proceeded to take a lunch break, during which both Camille and Denise separately addressed the awkward discussion while getting primped as they prepared to return to film the reunion.

“I don’t understand what’s going on with Denise about the money stuff,” Camille said to her hairstylist. “I just didn’t expect that.”

“Like, everybody’s divorce is different, their settlement’s different,” she added. “I can’t figure out what it is that gets her about that.”

Speaking with Mellencamp Arroyave, Denise said, “Oh my God, wait until we get into all this Camille s—. I think she’s just being really mean.”

Added Denise, “Maybe she’s not a happy person.”

In a sneak peek of part two of the reunion, Camille is seen yelling at the cast, saying, “You girls want me to jump on that hate train!” before she says to Kemsley, “Dorit, you’re the most phoniest person I’ve ever met.”

She is also seen storming off stage, telling Cohen and the cast, “I’m done.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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