Captain America: Chris Evans will return to MCU as Steve Rogers on one condition – WATCH

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After almost a decade in the MCU made up of three solo Captain America movies and four Avengers epics, Chris Evans has certainly made his mark on Marvel. Avengers Endgame concluded with Steve Rogers heading back in time to return the Infinity Stones, only to stay in the 1940s and marry Peggy Carter. The last we saw of him was as an elderly man having come back to 2023 the long way round, passing on his shield to Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson.

It took the events of The Falcon and The Winter Solider for him to accept it, but Sam is now Captain America. As for where old Steve is, the Disney+ series hinted at bizarre rumours that he was on the Moon.

Whatever the case, with his character still being alive, not to mention all the time travel multiverse variants now in common in the MCU, there’s plenty of room for Evans to make a return in many different ways.

In recent years there have been rumours of him playing an evil HYDRA Cap variant or reprising his Fox incarnation of Fantastic Four’s Human Torch in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Sadly this didn’t come to pass, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t. In fact, one of the most popular ideas among fans is a Disney+ show seeing Steve returning the stones, perhaps one per episode.

Asked in a recent interview for Lightyear if he’d be up for returning to the MCU as Captain America, potentially in a story like that, he shared his thoughts.

The 40-year-old told’s Brandon Davis: “Yeah that seems to be something people would like to see…I don’t want to disappoint anybody but I just don’t know…it was such a good run and I am so happy with it. It’s so precious to me.” But then he admitted his one condition for a comeback.

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Evans added: “It would have to be perfect. It would just be scary to rattle something that is so, so dear to me. And that role means so much to me. So, to revisit it would be a tall order.”

Well, that’s certainly not a no, so here’s hoping Marvel Studios give him that “perfect” pitch if they haven’t already.

Lightyear hits cinemas on June 17, 2022.

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