Casualty review with spoilers: A familiar patient is a test for Iain

Remember the Casualty episode in April in which Iain (Michael Stevenson) was working in ambulance control? He took a call from a young girl, Frankie, who was trapped in a house fire with her sister and her unconscious father. This week Iain saw Frankie again – but this time she was on the news, because she’d disappeared. He went to see her mother Kailey, and discovered there was a soft play centre that she used to like to visit that was now disused.

Iain found her there, trapped under some play equipment. Ignoring Ruby (Maddy Hill)’s advice to wait until help arrived (Iain is cut from the same paramedic cloth as the late lamented Jeff and won’t wait for anybody if there’s an emergency at hand), he ventured in and got a nasty cut on his arm in the process.

Frankie was rushed to the ED where she was found to have internal bleeding. She’d revealed to Iain that she ran away because she didn’t want to have to visit her dad Lee, who’d been violent in the past. With Iain’s help, Frankie’s mum agreed that the best thing was to get Lee out of their lives for good.

This was a good outcome all round, as Frankie was fine and Iain was also helped to realise that when he’s under stress he has plenty of support from his colleagues and from his therapist. The only person it didn’t work out too well for was perhaps Gem (Rebecca Ryan). She was on the point of giving up work and going to join Rash on his adventures – funded by Robyn (Amanda Henderson), bless her – but she’s going to stay in Holby in case Iain needs her.

Marty (Shaheen Jafargholi) won the nursing bursary, which of course made Jade (Gabriella Leon) cross because she’d applied for it too. David (Jason Durr) told her that Marty was a worthy recipient because ‘He’s had to go through more than any of us can imagine.’ Jade had a quick look at Marty’s supporting statement for the bursary and discovered that Marty had been bullied as a child and had to keep his sexuality secret because his mother is Iranian and it would cause problems in her community.

Despite all this, when Jade answered Marty’s phone and spoke to his dad, she thought it would be a good idea to invite him to the bursary ceremony later. It became clear when his dad turned up that he had no idea his son is gay, and Jade attempted to put her mistake right by pretending to be Marty’s girlfriend. This will probably work out just as well as when Marty pretended to be Robyn’s daughter’s father.

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