Catherine Tyldesley left with head in hands after Cooking with Stars mishap Start again!

Cooking With the Stars: Catherine forced to restart caramel

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On Tuesday evening, Tom Allen and Emma Willis welcomed four new celebrities into the Cooking with the Stars kitchen to see if they had what it took to impress a whole host of professional chefs. Griff Rhys Jones, Catherine Tyldesley, Denise Van Outen and AJ Odudu were the four famous faces hoping to wow with their culinary skills but sadly one had to go home. In a tense final cook-off, it was The Masked Singer’s Denise Van Outen and Coronation Street’s Catherine Tyldesley left to battle it out on the ITV show.

With AJ and Griff safe in the next stage of the contest, Tom and Emma told Denise and Catherine they had to concoct one final dish in the hopes of staying in the ITV competition.

“This is scary” Denise commented on the head-to-head while Catherine jokingly suggested: “Can we not do it together?”

Emma went on to reveal the pair’s creations would be judged blind by the Cooking with the Stars chefs, leaving it all down to taste to see who would stay in the contest for another day.

And the dish the pair had to create was the classic Italian dessert Panna cotta with raspberry coulis and sugar cages.

With the celebrities having to tackle the final dish solo without the help of the chefs, Catherine and Denise were left to their own devices.

However, it soon became clear Catherine could’ve done with a helping hand when a costly mistake with the caramel for her sugar cages threw the cooking into disarray.

After putting the cream into the ramekins for the Panna cotta, Catherine began cooking her sugar in the hopes it’d turn amber for the caramel cages.

But despite the chefs’ warnings and it stating it on the recipe, Catherine began stirring the caramel with a spoon – a big no-no in the eyes of the professionals.

Noticing something was wrong, Catherine began reading the recipe: “It just says until it starts to bubble…

“Do not stir the mixture with a spoon,” she added as she realised her mistake.

The former soap star threw her hands to her head in disbelief as she agonised over what to do next.

Not messing about, Catherine realised she’d have to start over as Tom provided the voiceover: “Catherine is having to start the mixture for her caramel from scratch.”

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Spotting her co-star’s distress, Denise hollered over: “Are you alright over there?”

Catherine let out a nervous squeal before telling Denise how she’d had to start her caramel all over again.

Despite the setback, Catherine still managed to get her creations out on time, complete with sugar cages.

However, it wasn’t enough as Emma and Tom delivered the final verdict minutes later.

With eight chefs judging the Panna cottas, the decision was razor-thin as Denise edged Catherine’s by five votes to three.

After hearing she was staying in the competition, Denise was stunned, saying to the ITV hosts: “This is the biggest shock of my life.”

Catherine remained in good spirits, however, although she admitted: “I’m gutted, really gutted, I’ve loved it.

“But well done, babe. I’m so chuffed for you,” she added to Denise before saying her farewells.

Cooking with the Stars airs Tuesdays at 9pm on ITV.

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