Celebs Go Dating fans cringe as Lee Ryan storms off after brutal rejection

Celebs Go Dating fans were left watching the show between their fingers tonight after Lee Ryan was brutally rejected tonight.

Blue singer Lee, 36, was looking for love on the E4 dating show… but sadly he didn't have much luck.

At the first mixer, Lee appeared to be getting on very well with one woman and decided to ask her on a date.

Unfortunately for him, the feelings were not mutual and she rejected him.

Red-faced, Lee stormed off through the crowd and tried to find fellow Celebs Go Dating star Jack Fincham .

After relaying what happened, Lee told Jack: "It was awful, everyone was looking at me! i died!"

And viewers were left cringing and flocked to Twitter to comment.

One tweeted: "Lee was cringing me out and then gets pied by ‘ Rihanna ’ look a like. #LoveTheWayYouPie #CelebsGoDating."

While another commented: "that fake Rihanna pieing Lee Ryan was F***IN hilarious lmfaooo #CelebsGoDating."

A third remarked: "Lee Ryan so cringe, bruv. #CelebsGoDating."

"Lee Ryan dying a death on Celebs go dating… shitttttttttttt #CelebsGoDating," another wrote.

Another commented: "Omg that was so awkward how that girl rejected Lee #celebsgodating."

One tweeted: "Lee Ryan is so cringe it’s embarrassing #CelebsGoDating."

*Celebs Go Dating returns tomorrow at 9pm on E4

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