Chloe Ferry accused of Photoshop fail as fans spot 'wonky boxes' behind her bum in new pic

CHLOE Ferry has once again been accused by her fans of photoshopping her Instagram pics.

The 25-year-old reality star looked radiant as she posed inside a storage unit in a sky blue cropped t-shirt and matching bike shorts.

Wearing a natural make-up look and her long brunette down long, she posed with her head cocked to the side as she smiled at the camera.

The Geordie Shore captioned the happy post: "I was made for sunny days 🦋🌞 £12 @jyylondon short sets can’t go wrong☀️I’m ready for summer baby!

Chloe was hoping to flog the matching outfit set from her new clothing range, but fans couldn't help but notice some wonky boxed of Buddha heads behind her.

Some fans also pointed out the boxes by her right waist also looked a bit off.

They were quick to accuse her of photoshopping the photo to look slimmer.

"Try not to make the editing on the pics much you can see it on the boxes xxx," wrote one fan.

Another added: "Am I the only on that’s realised the photoshop?"

And a third said: "Distorted boxes 😂😂😂"

It's the second time in a matter of days fans have accused Chloe of a photoshop fail.

Earlier this week she posed in skin-tight latex trousers while on a night out for the Instagram post that was been closely investigated by her 3.6million followers.

"She a real bad b****," she captioned the snap alongside best friend Bethan Kershaw, showing off her impressive curves.

Chloe was snapped wearing a pair of red latex trousers and a busty velvet black top, finalising her look with a full face of glamorous makeup.

While many fans were complimentary, calling Chloe "hot" and "gorgeous", some pointed out that the pavement behind her looked "photoshopped".

"Imagine posting pictures on Instagram and editing and photoshopping them," one user wrote in the comments. "Look at the pavement."

It comes as Chloe was accused of editing another sexy snap on social media that saw her standing in front of new £160,000 Lamborghini.

Suspicious followers spotted the number plate looked curved and they called out the star in the comments section beneath her photo.

Last month the Newcastle beauty was accused of Photoshopping her bum AGAIN as she shared a sizzling bikini photo.

The star stripped off in her garden as she joined Brits throughout the country enjoying the March heatwave.

But her followers noticed something strange about the shape of the fence she was leaning on after she posted the snap on Instagram.

She was also accused of Photoshopping yet another of her sexy snaps.

The reality star came under fire from fans who begged her to lead a better example to "young girls".

The Geordie Shore favourite shared two photos on Monday that left fans claiming she had edited her bum, as they spotted an odd detail in the background.

Chloe drew attention to her shapely bottom as she wrote: "A man that can hold the door for you and smack your [bum]."

But the star, who posed in a tight, brown jumpsuit, was swiftly called out by eagle-eyed followers who noticed the editing lines along her legs and "bowed" lines on the boxes on the shelves behind her.

One follower kicked off a thread of comments that criticised the celeb, writing: "Shame it's another photoshop.. Seeing as the white box is bowed."

In June, her followers pointed out several curiosities in a racy red lingerie post, with curved lines and sharp angles usually tell-tale signs a slimming tool has been used.

Followers also pointed out her wonky door in one underwear snap this April.

The star opened up about her impressive weight loss, revealing that she has gone from 11 stone seven pounds, to nine stone nine pounds in just 12 months.

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