Chris Evans reveals he's 6ft 2in tall and people are 'always shocked' because they think he's a 'short a***' on the Virgin Radio Breakfast Show

CHRIS Evans has revealed he's 6ft 2in tall and people are "always shocked" because they think he's a "short a***".

Broadcasting live from Portugal on the Virgin Radio Breakfast Show this morning, Chris, 53, told his listeners he had been on the same flight as a famous cricketer.

He said: "Very few people are much bigger in life than you think they're going to be.

"I am apparently, people think I'm a short a*** and I'm six foot two."

Chris then went on to explain how the mystery sportsman was even bigger than he had imagined him to be.

He said: "I expected him to be massive anyway and he was even bigger, an absolute giant.

"He looked like a superhero."

While Chris flew on a commercial plane to his sunny location in Portugal for the show, last week, he offered listeners the chance to join him on a private jet to Amsterdam to raise money for a dementia charity.

DJ is set to run the Amsterdam Marathon later this year, and he is giving fans the opportunity to be there when he crosses the finish line.

Chris is running for Dementia Revolution and is now auctioning off 50 seats on a chartered plane from Farnborough to Amsterdam for the charity too.

Speaking on his radio show, Chris explained: "One and a half million people are affected by dementia in one way or another…. This is for Dame Barbara Windsor and Scott (her husband).

"It is for Dementia Revolution, that is that is why we are going there, that is why we are running. We going to auction off places on Thursday to come with us on this show.

"The package is fantastic, the frothy coffee man (Chris’ assistant) has really stepped up to the plate on this one. Real old school big charity package.

"Fly in style, we have hired a plane, we are going on own plane.

"Why the heck not? We got a private plane on a Boeing 737-300 VIP, with snacks, bar, tea and coffee."

He continued: "Jet off from Farnborough to Amsterdam with us guys on Friday 18th October to Monday 21st October. How come we are doing this? Because we want big bids, we want to make it special.

"We have 50 seats up for grabs… You can run the marathon, the half or five miler, which is 8KM, so you don’t have to be ready or you can just come along for the fun.

"As long as you pay for your trip!"

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