Christmas lockdown: Britons told to bring masks back to ensure holiday is not cancelled

Controlling Covid is a 'multi-layered operation' says Dr Pankhania

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Dr Bharat Pankhania has urged people to continue to wear their masks so that “Christmas is not cancelled”, saying “we want to save lives”. Dr Pankhania insisted tackling the virus to avoid uncontrolled rises in cases remains a “multi-layered operation” all Britons should take part in. Government advisor Professor Chris Whitty warned that any fresh Christmas lockdown can only be avoided if those who are eligible get their booster vaccinations.


Speaking to GB News, Dr Pankhania said: “From an infection control point of view, we want to save lives.

And the more cases you have, the more cases end up in hospital.

“Off those cases who end up in hospital. Unfortunately, a few will die.

We want to not do that. 

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He continued: “Therefore, what you should do is reduce the number of cases.

And if you look at the number of people dead in New Zealand, Australia.

So we haven’t done well.


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He went on: “What we need to do is very, very simple. Early, prompt, measured actions measured.

I’m going to answer that measured within a minute, saves lives.

What are these measured things? Let’s take Prime Minister Johnson today.

He talks about the wave coming from the East.”

Dr Pankhania said: He’s absolutely wrong. The wave is already here.

The elephant in the room is Mr. Johnson– he doesn’t want to address is as follows.

None of his demos or his scientific officers are also addressing it, which is this– it is a multi-layered operation to control cases.

It is not only boosters, so you have your boosters.

You have your seasonal influenza, you need to mitigate in schools, you need to immunise in schools.

So when you do all those things then Christmas is not cancelled.”
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