Coronation Street arrest as Steve McDonald takes violent revenge on Curtis?

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Coronation Street viewers have been keeping a close eye on Curtis Delamere (played by Sam Retford) in recent weeks, ever since it was revealed he’d been lying about his health. He’d claimed he was dying due to a heart condition, but viewers recently discovered Curtis instead has a mental health condition called a factitious disorder, where he convinces other people he’s ill. On Monday night’s episode of the ITV soap Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell) called Curtis out after discovering his ‘heart medication’ was in fact just vitamins. He fabricated a new lie and insisted he really is dying, but will Emma believe him? If Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) finds out Curtis has been deceiving them all along he will likely be furious. Could he turn violent on his daughter’s fiancé if he uncovers the truth?

On Monday night, Emma confronted Curtis and grilled him about his medication.

She asked: “Have you been lying to me about dying? Are you really okay? Is that what’s going on?

“Talk to me Curtis!” Emma shouted at her unresponsive fiancé.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Curtis hit back.

Emma replied: “You are. You’re fibbing. Actually, fibbing is too kind a word for it.”

Trying his best to convince Emma, Curtis remarked: “It’s me. I’m honest as the day is long.”

“How long is the day, 45 seconds?” Emma blasted.

However, it wasn’t long before Curtis came up with a new lie, insisting the vitamins were part of a new holistic plant based treatment he’s trying.

“I’ve been forced to take this into my own hands,” he told his fiancée.

“Wait, you’re confusing me?” Emma said.

Curtis replied: “It’s okay, hey, it’s alright. Look, all you need to know is that I am dying.”

“But, are you? Really?” Emma asked tearfully.

“Really,” Curtis insisted, before playing the victim as he hit out at Emma for questioning him.

He fumed: “My own fiancée doesn’t even believe me. Do you know how much that hurts?

“Do you know what? All I want is a hug and just to be told that everything’s going to be alright.

“But, no. I have been branded a liar,” Curtis said.

Will Emma believe her fiancé or could she turn to her father for advice?

If Steve finds out Curtis has been lying about his health all along, he would likely be furious.

He may hit out at deceptive Curtis and insist Emma can’t marry him anymore.

Steve could turn violent on him in a fit of rage, but will he take things too far?

He may end up seriously injuring Curtis in his anger, putting him in hospital for real this time.

If so, Steve may find himself in trouble with the law and he could be charged with assault.

Will Steve be arrested before his daughter’s wedding day? Viewers will have to tune in to find out his fate.

Coronation Street continues Tuesday at 7:30pm on ITV.

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